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SUPER stain remover for fabrics. How to make stain remover. How to get rid of spots.

SUPER stain remover for fabrics. How to make stain remover. How to get rid of spots.  See details »

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  • 00:00: fuck the audience channel at the Tatyana today we together with we will hold experiment that concerns kitchen towels mistresses know that on there are kitchens towel which get dirty and not always you can deduce from them stains even washing The machine does not help and even soaking, too after washing after soaking remain what are fatty spots look seems to be white napkin but full
  • 00:30: one that does not bring today with me you will share this unique method washing that will help you deduce stains from fat stains from coffee and tea any stains and it will help whiten your kitchen towel they will become like new we will need speak one liter per liter of boiled water 1 tablespoon washing powder
  • 01:01: cheap you can use the most cheap for 1 liter boiled water still we need bleach, too plain You can not use You roll or such expensive bleaches you can use and person and some others who you are know is on sale and sunflower oil you ask why sunflower oil she will help us any blemishes
  • 01:32: any and origin so I'm already at the stove heated 5 liters boiled water already boiling with the expectation 1 liter I told you were 1 tablespoon powder 1 dining room spoon of the world and one tablespoon sunflower oil since I have 5 liters boiled water five tablespoons
  • 02:02: washing powder five table spoons complete bleach and 5 spoonfuls of sunflower oils and our towels start bleaching I'll show you close-up of both let's put a napkin on visible yellow spots I washed and after washing machine has dried up here you see all the same spots on stayed 1 yellow towel
  • 02:32: whose spots they are from I erased myself today I'll show you how to remove these stains this simple and accessible to all method outside the body 5 liter of water the first thing we throw I will be good the second bleach and third it's sunflower
  • 03:02: oil all this mix and send our towels for slow fire they will be cooked about an hour after that we need will wait until cool down they will send them washing machines
  • 03:33: after our towels in washing machine I'll show you the result passed an hour our kitchen the towel fell out I cooled them down washing machine washed and I want to show you result result came to fame neither one village spools washed the towel
  • 04:03: old people new here I am I remind you here was stain on a napkin fatty is that not from here and erased everything is clean look snow white here too I had stains from berries from coffee right here here it's all from wasted dresses to force like a new self I advise you use this
  • 04:33: washing method you will like and you will and enjoy im always it's cheap economically and result it's worth it I hope that my videos was you useful husky subscribe to my channel will be wait for an ambulance meet until