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  • 00:00: hi friends want for you to cook very light dish the pasta was not for we need this a set of the simplest ingredients is my beef is the same case it is very young calf who use back of spaghetti bulb onions
  • 00:31: dill the onion green and garlic we will begin onion is already worth the water is heated vodka on pasta and stack the frying pan for polishing is cut cube report cut our onion bulb us need 150 grams
  • 01:01: he gave vegetable oil add 150 grams onions and at the same time throw the salted water boiling macaroni for 2 yet half we need 5
  • 01:33: small denticles garlic we cut in Beijing with knitting needles and half of it add immediately the hand since they added garlic slightly literal seconds 30 and add add 350 grams
  • 02:03: forcemeat I am a young g back chery put fire on the bridge add after 4 minutes add red school of wine
  • 02:34: drum approximately 100 this is lego speed and continue to extinguish add two tablespoons tomato be sure you to push me was guy the fire is exactly half add another 100 grams this
  • 03:10: you know mine start with send add dry basil saffron add our Bay leaf literally 3
  • 03:44: stir and quench on low fire 10 minutes before draining pasta we are at the bottom dishes once we throw creamy butter and prepare our greenery garlic with us
  • 04:15: pay attention already ready we need just ukrov chicco a couple of twigs and a pair of feathers green onion very large enough we will add this beautiful and I can smell the earth Our sauce polo spaghetti is twisted on the plug and
  • 04:48: we leave here so here's the way is not twisted very easy just killed add our fresh green garlic aroma ford with this is mixed and
  • 05:18: immediately served on top of our beautiful spaghetti the most important part the moment when you serve both sauce and simultaneously and you will succeed wonderful spaghetti with sauce
  • 05:48: bolognese according to my recipe subscribe to my channel put your fingers up all bye bye