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  • 00:00: Hello today I'll make a salad cages half bulbs cut into small I will add the pieces vinegar sugar and salt warm boiled water stir to dissolution of sugar and leave for 15 minutes I will divide the eggs into yolks and proteins small grater
  • 00:30: tomatoes are cut I will cleanse the seeds and cut into small cubes cheese in fine grater salted trout on
  • 01:02: cut the dice on the recipe for pickling red fish in description under video onion from fluids to the protein I add
  • 01:34: mayonnaise you can pepper it add salt to taste cheese mix with mayonnaise mayonnaise recipe description under video glasses lay out a salad layers proteins tomatoes
  • 02:05: cheese bow a fish yolks
  • 02:38: on top I will decorate with thin a layer of mayonnaise and greens I will put salad in the fridge for one hour instead of red fish can be used lightly salted herring or canned tuna
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