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  • 00:00: Hello my name is Olga, and in this video tutorial we are going to you make just such a Here flowers composition and in this composition I I will use gerbera flowers awaited me for a long time asked for and make a lot of people asked to do gerbera flowers I have them never do for some reason, somehow and frightened them, and to do due to the core let us first see what materials us need for make holy gerberas and means yellow beads transparent so Chinese Number 12 you
  • 00:30: You can take any Beads which you have orange bi si too small room 2 and here I have done mixture of beads and bugle yellow shades here now we need Only in this mixture It means for gamers we need 2 types leaves but I at least not made two rows it is possible and I think 34 3 but it is necessary to make possible I took 2 lines means here such here leaves you see them in pairs united to us it was easier to them later join
  • 01:00: it will be very easy to then we take the axis Axis I took wire 5 0 such millimeters thick and rigid wire I have nine axis centimeters possible take more Here and labor I dialed the wire our mix of beads that's working connect a wire axis like so Okay so now the most already recruited axis
  • 01:30: three and a half centimeter beads I have and do not tear if homemade purchased spinners but we did with her husband they improvised me like me more like them use I have a video on channel as possible make a spinner so who interesting visit and we look pletom from sharpened pointed upwards and bottom to make pointed up a little bit you we raise here so
  • 02:01: I climb way language I will put on the wire axis and I am looking for some such wire way of 45 degrees and at the bottom we do the same thing we need to do just two pairs of arcs though leaves need petals need
  • 02:31: but there will be many not lagging quickly so time it takes a bit of everything down I'll top petelechku and clamp here here here such Here petals need 16 do stuff and in exactly the same way you see I
  • 03:02: I made smaller petals in the fall on gaining two centimeters beads and then also two pairs arcs and such petals need 12 do so Now look at us only left unite our leaves petals I I take the wire for assembly and connecting them wire ordinary wire only thin somewhere on their 3 millimeters too males have an electrician
  • 03:33: gain as well, here such here petals obtained and such petals need 16 points to make here as well like these little 12 Chuck look we do now for our seredinochku Then I took wire around meters and is strung on it orange beads color depart from the beginning of the wire is 5 centimeters and then and we are going to do here such
  • 04:03: I do not petelechki I measure well about somewhere centimeter Bead'll show so even a half I'm going to do on Eye do skrutochku two to three turns and here these need petelechka as close as possible near the at each other and make the more you their make the luxuriant Get your 5 years seredinochku 30th of the loop here
  • 04:49: And so should you Get with the meter wire me has turned 35 and pilot so well, let's means then proceed Next the midpoints continued our midway so now I I receive yellow Bi and B too, about a meter Wire can take more and now we we do 4 centimeter beads but such podlinshe petelechki here I do not make eye then I already I am trying to notice to be like
  • 05:20: can be straighter So look
  • 05:57: now we I need hot gun or we take in this way turn off petelechku not only strongly dense can be directly applied here is a glue little by little very careful not hurry and now I find
  • 06:37: what made you wound seredinochku kernel It was to us then it is easier to turn these so our petals wait until the way so watch it this little yellow at I midpoints points yes I came here 15 loops and chic here Now we apply
  • 07:09: I have not applied here's connect so instead everything is now here see insert so you have hot the gun was well well heated because if he It will badly heated the adhesive may then with time fall off and so thereby inflict
  • 07:45: hour there already do not see bad hot right now I turn it on and all I glue That's how I am here way to find yourself like sharing with you who makes others
  • 08:16: good way do as you accustomed to here it is also now pour glue to close this emptiness something Besides All we now Now we wait until
  • 08:46: adhesive sets and we will tie our petals as we take our little the first row of small petals take wire if you you want seredinku make little bigger and different colors you can still do ride well, and ranks well as on so take a stick sginaem in and so
  • 09:16: legs little stones here also made especially over or just need lindsay will do you carry the petals your ass a little different
  • 09:52: Now I put lighting look both are still there but garden shade much everything We begin to attach look like this they have me as a I would not close to the flower legs if you will the color of the wire beads on general be beautiful and well but I do not such materials I of those doing
  • 10:23: materials that I have to It turned out not so expensive if you can the middle of a well sticking to core, and so that's and just lay down on glue stick Well petals I see a strapped all our little Now petals will be the same way to substitute more petals also I took a mixture of beads
  • 10:57: yes with you bugles You can take a Beads are not necessarily to mix Look here
  • 11:29: so here I am Screw means everything petals such a Flower I I turned this hand whew like my my gerbera I will be their use composition I will not do sepals if you have a wish you then podplesti here sepals if You will have flowers just for you but you weave one trick ladies or in bunches here to close this that's part now I
  • 11:59: take the rod, I have not I know at what height I would like I placed flowers while here I am taking rod 20 centimeters and even It could be smaller take it of Plenty So I wove 2 yellow
  • 12:45: gerberas and orange and 2 weaving method and one the same only and here the flower and and the first thing seredinku made I do not really red I liked replaced on burgundy Bugles and I seems more but more elegant twisting did not I think okay let have so be aware but you already here as well consider my mistake on a closer look make petals
  • 13:15: trunk Mom's already easier you can already teach to consider my mistakes and do not make them like this such here Gerbera with us get it now we do now components of our