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As it is easy to remove a cartridge of a drill or the screw gun  See details »

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  • 00:00: so a simple story how to change the cartridge in drill or screwdriver to drill it screwdriver them a similar principle replace the cartridge so first thing to then remember here inside there is always screw the screw it is necessary to unscrew the right ie clockwise arrow had not typical thread here so he twists here It occurs frequently difficulty so
  • 00:30: if he does not want it is necessary to spin put standard Rules rotation side screwdriver not wailers so twist drills good hands and a good pinch to the limit through the power twist twist twist and so yes sometimes he just went already unwound after his So he twisted at I already nakrucheny fell out means that now it is necessary to twist
  • 01:02: bread is left thread just they right, and here it is necessary or If we manually pull it put on if the second speed two-speed drill and jerk can back hand is the 1 and ideal unscrew it why unscrew because right at Buying to unwind with much more difficult than it is now, and lubricated greased better grease could not oiled only Figure that during it can work
  • 01:32: sometimes loose may loose this screw him too greased loose but can this head better time plate from time unwind a couple of times what is impossible would be to unwind grudge against you can not We have to break cut grinder already there to hurt you the next moment many duels here there's such Now that the slots can be insert the key the key is to be narrow specificity shoulder
  • 02:03: Keys usually wider than they and not as if vlezut vlezut here is not go to the sent very caterpillar Yes Occupation narrow stoves and insert while keeping small key and unscrew this the left side Turn off the head head is not He wants to give in then put on if the first speed she is set left and reverse good hand and pinch sometimes unleash It is enough
  • 02:34: sometimes this is all Of course after already swirling because of this screw they go to the opposite aside from this thread and mutually clip below is not He wants to go then electra vkoem sharp pull here desirably 2 speed I have said or need But in this hole if a key holder Insert a nail some or
  • 03:06: allen key something like that and sharp blow hammer so the key and it on top of and sashila carving and went unwind here a lightweight variant but so it turns out 30 percent if you can not that then has to suffer here is See the following video