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  • 00:00: good afternoon today prepare borsch Belarusian borsch we we know very much borscht of Belarusian borsch there are small small differences and we have them today with you
  • 00:36: let's see for a start I'll put it on the brew I have a broth beef on the edge brisket is very good suitable include fill the plate for speeding up the process with boiling water also I will put
  • 01:06: cheeks are cooked this is how it is differences of Belarusian borsch glasses first boils and more one small cunning cooking of Belarusian borsch it's not just done on boiled beets but he does more with by adding beet kvass as to make beetroot kvass for this I I'll take the usual beets clean the knife very a useful thing because
  • 01:39: that very much microelements is transmitted precisely to this class for three beets, here we are our beetroot beets crushed some the container was lowered added to taste sugar was poured cold
  • 02:09: boiling water close our pitcher is clean cloth and leave you for a few days roam in a warm place take the carrot
  • 02:51: take the potatoes take the ray clean and so we have eat potatoes carrot bow everything it says let's take the meat let's make a roast the traditional belarusian fry I'll start you do not care fat while she's stoked I
  • 03:26: cut the onions I cut not very large straw not very long over correctly do not tell long narezhem carrot with straws so it's no longer need carrots
  • 03:58: and cut until bacon excavated potatoes and a feeder for this borscht enough and cut the cube is wonderful wonderful throw bow will be his fry pass see our beets well get it
  • 04:30: yes, I'm a little bit cool down because me It will be necessary and clean the bow is already on its way wonderful throw there carrots I continue to fry to make it all happen I will make a little fire slightly less peel a Turk
  • 05:01: beautiful ruby beets turned out cut beets of straw sliced ​​beets add onions with
  • 05:31: carrot tomato give give a little save digging but when we add tomato required you need to add a little water as if again dilute tomato a This process of frying the water evaporates and with it will evaporate down not enough nice tomato such a sour smell reduce fire I give myself time to fret myself and here he is the most important secret
  • 06:02: of Belarusian borsch this cooking beets I have it cut into strips but there is already a give taste your little distinctive taste and for this we use kvass beet kvass Of course I am already prepared him I already have it in advance wandered off if we look at it in
  • 06:33: he is small small bubbles are like idiosyncratic fizzy it turned out a drink beetroot and here on we will clean it out beets are also to taste it is this beet kvass and will give your borscht a charm your
  • 07:05: the taste is thick beet taste and So broth is ready to be lowered I'm waiting for the potato when boil check
  • 07:55: beets can be immediately add a bit here sugar for beets soaked with sugar taste of our soup I lower the frying from onion carrots salaam give the opportunity to boil for five minutes so that vegetables too
  • 08:26: cooked and all the taste evenly distributed by broth meanwhile watching the beets add to borsch parsley root Well and he at me dry so in that time that borsch is cooked must give his fragrances and become soft everything is ready for us
  • 08:56: practically soup it must be done for the powerful behind protein is flour diluted in water the most important thing is that there was no lump need a good and and stir and a little bit add a few soup for soup became a bit
  • 09:26: kissel and figurative and here at the expense of this a bundle appears all vegetables in the soup now will boil the garlic we do not add it distinction for example from of Ukrainian borsch boiled add a link and I give five minutes
  • 10:00: let off one's chest our borscht five minutes have passed necessary be sure try not to was ashamed before friends before guests you need to add salt be sure to add
  • 10:33: sugar of course we do not do without vinegar because more must still be a bit sourish if you carefully we did not look here put not a gram of cabbage Belarusian borsch cooked without cabbage prepare a beautiful a plate of sour cream put in a gravy boat
  • 11:05: what borsch after all without sour cream borscht was ready turn it off and start serve for I will need this get a piece of meat which has already been cooked do not offend in the second take one third there as there is now one
  • 11:35: piece behold cut the meat who loves how can be and even with bone and submit can be without a stone wonderful decorate
  • 12:13: our borscht of dill parsley ponds and still have a wonderful green onion and its me I'll cut it a bit
  • 12:44: major feathers and last hatch exhibited
  • 14:07: our Belarusian sour cream borscht is ready for a pleasant appetite