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Round bottom from newspaper tubules for beginners. Option No. 1  See details »

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  • 00:00: take 4 we do this reshetochki so it is from this side prickly heat when my order
  • 00:31: bristled take another tube bend in half and these two Now watch this
  • 01:03: here's the bottom then we rises to the top on top by turnover these two ducts and the top again These two tubes they serve they're not the top
  • 01:36: dinner I could again top pick up they are upstairs tag number Bring the top again
  • 02:06: Nizhyn top bags under his muse I do not risen again chinish
  • 02:44: is now underneath it here underneath the upper hell this initial we started weave the bottom upward and another propletaem row let
  • 03:22: We went upstairs We are growing and tubes let the same most weave we charge
  • 04:03: We started so now underneath the upper take one tube well We begin this clothespin for yourself He noted even a little weave as only Now take take Now one well weave bottom to top top Rise only
  • 04:35: one They will dopleli to this
  • 05:57: which began Here she is seen in We have here a number of further go to the following sings already have a second row is It was the second row is not so in a circle, we went obtained such a little round we pletom a diameter we need second embodiment here we took
  • 06:27: initially for two tubes and here we we have to take three and also propletaem as we wove here then two rows the initial number here we have already started weave one and here we take 2 propletaem 2 we Here we take a series of 3 2 propletaem 1 as a people
  • 07:00: rope propletaem two three a number proplela 2 rows 2 and Now we will take on the
  • 07:30: 1 st we need diameter 1 top pick upstairs we get here this one is more this
  • 08:01: we have such a tight later