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Fresh-salted herring. A tasty seledochka, we salt houses.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, I'm here today. I will salt the network if interesting you can look I liked it salty teeth therefore I want to do now home means I will I do not salt it whole pieces because I need and for salad herring under a fur coat to make and so then eat I have 4 herrings fairly large then I'm on top of everything bathed removed mine on 1
  • 00:32: delete all tails fins and tails I here and so deleting not completely cutting off because I have them too I like to eat so intestines they are all I clean simply I cut off I cut off my head and pulled that there is because you never know what maybe there trall of somebody's milk
  • 01:02: that's all we do not must be thrown away then do next hands so mean a little water take a teaspoon and each
  • 01:32: herring with mashu mustard grease all the first charge the alley led me more so that forever everything is enough greased herring and we set it aside for time let it be lies in mustard impregnated throughout
  • 02:03: bitter and in the meantime while she lies you do brine liter water flooding yulia here we put stuff 2 bay leaves I take 2 carnations well spices in your discretion pinch a little sweet-smelling pepper such a large and conventional round black pepper too pieces small pinch
  • 02:33: ten to twelve so salt and 5 dining rooms spoons one-two-three-four is not with a slide to 5 is not so not very salty 5 tablespoons of salt and 1 tablespoon sugar sugar I will put right here in gorochkoy and mix it together now put on
  • 03:03: fire lead up to boils boil to salt the sugar dissolved and then turn off we cool to room total temperature I already have marinade quite cold she cooled her balcony now I fill this with marinade all the fish full liter and I pour everything and now close the plate and
  • 03:33: I can put it bath some with water oppression done that the fish is all in this brine here I put in cold place in a refrigerator for three days in general recommended fish litter nA 35-day period so that everything parasites were killed this is for reliability well but in general many
  • 04:04: Of course I marinated and mackerel and a half one and a half days already you can eat but avoid some security in generally clearly three days and and put a cold sweat I will work already What these people but I stared at I'm a refrigerator after all package closed There was no smell that the gulfs cave large cups open so she stood by me
  • 04:35: here are three halves we will try the smell of spices beautiful you know, here I am and 4 pieces on the right I have it all not hand solil
  • 05:06: entirely because I need a cotton salad do therefore not cut the pieces I'm right in the container I will place one now we will try and zalyu too a pickle this one as day food is not for birds will be stored straight so I'm flooding to cover all also in brine she was stored all the lid and in the fridge for
  • 05:38: storage and this part I cut Let's try it I will say to the taste it turned out deliciously or it's not tasty look at herring I cleaned and bones she also removed her bones to find Here on color all salted I already because one short ate from the tail and from the head a piece
  • 06:08: because usually in These locations network the most such salt accumulates somehow does not know very much so salty me more liked it now here are the pieces chunky I will cut and put a plate generally it turns out such a herring happened decorated so that
  • 06:39: prescription ambassador I liked the web recommend the network in measure is so salty what i like so want to try very tasty everything all for now and until new meetings