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  • 00:00: Today we continue decoration rim which in the past video, we did such a wattle pasted from thin we will be do for him flower for the flower need here are two ribbons flowers width 5 centimeters need make the squares 5 5 centimeters will be doing here is
  • 00:30: twisted such swirling petals such petals need there will be 6 pieces for begin to fold sharp petal it fits so to the bitch hit again so suddenly he is hot
  • 01:00: glue now every corners we take tweezers twist the middle here we fix with glue we catch the same thing make another corner
  • 01:32: that's what happened now doing the second
  • 02:02: part is the same add up the sharp petal and close so the middle is better glue down the middle on a powerful adhesive and paste it swirling middle now add up, as it were clamped inside and
  • 02:32: crop excess edge lighter box with this side, too
  • 03:09: most this is the petal
  • 04:08: turned out for his flower I call petals of gray and Pink colour made them 6 pieces too I glued it together now paste the last petal glued all six
  • 04:47: petals it turned out flower for the middle I took not just I gathered the bead such small beads in one pile on a thin line if you see it completely thin dress up bead twists like this how many pieces are you
  • 05:23: want together simply twisted did thus his it turned out in the middle I'm in the middle now I 'll just put it in this hole and fix it with the reverse hand and that 's not all this
  • 06:18: only the first part this flower of these petals to me it seemed a little therefore from organza so from organza I cut another 12 here such petals petals too cut very just take piece of organza patterns need to cut
  • 06:52: I cut it out of cardboard is such small for my color. now I will say width and a half centimeter and 1 it is 3 centimeter of organza the petals are cut out burnout Seal the tips to they were not fold in two
  • 07:22: organza apply templating thicker petal almost ready
  • 08:07: now this petal he must have stuck together should have stuck together it should not be now this one in the middle apply hot glue
  • 08:37: petals a bit lift up slightly up we press on the edges I still have my petals adorned it around the edges shine here looks better and still hides
  • 09:10: weaknesses that the carving burnout this is the petal me these petals are already ready therefore we can embark on gluing hot gun and other
  • 09:40: now for each flower petals we will stick petal from organza in between
  • 10:38: petals also glue the petals from organza all petals
  • 11:33: are glued now more you can do from the thin ribbon I cut the strip of arbitrary length what do you want me length eight centimeters I also I want to add them in half and glued
  • 12:11: glued all thin
  • 12:53: ribbons are now on reverse side glue the base of felt great such circle that fit the size for my flower this where that two and a half centimeter the flower is ready and now
  • 13:40: we can paste it on the rim our entire database is ready
  • 14:16: if you like put hounds and subscribe to my channel all good luck bye