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  • 00:00: Hello my dear subscribers and visitors with you again Marina Klyatskaya I hope this video is the most long-awaited Because this is where I tell you how I was cutting the ribbon From already gelatined fabrics Result of this video will be coil of tape 2.5 cm 4 cm, 5.5 cm Before reviewing the process of implementation of cutting the tape
  • 00:30: I want to tell you why it was beneficial for me I anways try to be economy And the first point is of course the economy in two times Because compared to the purchase ribbon saving half the cost Further, a rich palette The fact is that satin fabrics palette is much wider Than satin ribbons And this is for our products is very big plus Third is - delivery
  • 01:03: We do not pay for shipping, that is, we do not need to pay for shipping online shopping We do not pay extra, we just go to the store and buy the desired piece of fabric If this store is near, it is generally super In fourth, independence That is, we do not depend on stores Happens is that you put one terms to do the work, but the store can be closed or somthing else Or it could be some seller, he can not just send, or not realized at the time you need And you need to do everything in a hurry
  • 01:36: We do not need that Go to the nearest store that you like and buy what you need And make the tape that is needed And fifth, one tone with different width Sometimes customer wants large or small flowers of some shade And what would have been a little ribbon of the same color, etc. Very difficult to find 5 cm and 1.2 cm ribbon of one colour and shade This is also a plus for us
  • 02:10: As there are many other advantages that I will not consider Watch the process This is my line, it would seem so, ordinary, lackluster, could lie somewhere And no one does not pay attention to them I have noticed them and they become irreplaceable for me I use that such lines have to protect yourself from burns Because I working with a soldering iron I have such rail width of 2.5 cm, 4.5 cm and 5.5 cm
  • 02:40: For you dear subscribers, I tried to make the whole process on the table I do not particularly like it, but I tried to do it for you We will need glass I took an ordinary Soviet shelf 5 millimeters thick Gelatined fabric put face down on the glass Cut on the underside
  • 03:13: To get started, select the desired line width And processing the edge of our fabric After the cuting edge we can cut the fabric into strips Advise to heat the soldering iron to maximum Because it affects on your speed
  • 03:45: Better to wait then get tormented later, trying to tear off the stripe from the glass Or from a neighboring piece of fabric And this slows down the process, it is necessary to trim and wait until he is heating I cant's wait so long so I shifted the glass on the floor Because I was not comfortable working on a table Because it's not a pen or a pencil, it is necessary to control the pressure and the rail itself
  • 04:16: After you have made one tape, I advise you not to take it asap Because it brakes the location of the fabric During that both cuts through the first tape You both cut through the fabric and simultaneously solder it to the glass itself Thus it is fixed It's convenient
  • 04:47: After we cut through the first tape we pass on rail further In such a way cut all the fabric, until the glass is over Once finished we can withdraw the all stripes This way the ribbon will be even and more convenient to work with I do not promise that the first time you have all come out perfect
  • 05:47: Need a little practise Requires strength and patience for that would strip was flat One to one, but in my experience, over time, stripe is becoming neatly I'm not afraid to do with the ribbon products that have an open edge And no one see anything wrong For that ribbon do not just lay down
  • 06:46: Because it does not roll I use a paperclip large size I unite all ends with it And place it to the coil This manner is easy and simple to store it Thank you all for your attention, I hope that the video was useful for you Subscribe to my channel, you go in my VK group, waiting you all. Good bye!)