Kanzasha for начинающих."Как to attach a flower to an elastic band and a hairpin for волос?".Обучение.Урок No. 7.  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello I Mary is the new name lesson from the training course for beginners technology kanzashi In this video tutorial I I show you how to handle the opposite direction products and attach it to the pins and Gum for Hair So here we go for
  • 00:30: to secure our product to the elastic band cut a circle from felt necessary to us the diameter of the last video tutorial I use of felt diameter of 4 centimeters so now I will use exactly the same circle a circle of felt add up in two and make 2 cuts on width and distance gum cut a strip of
  • 01:09: felt threading the strip to cut and secured adhesive aid our glue
  • 01:51: gum anchoring strip on gum and is threaded into the second snip anchoring feedback
  • 02:23: hand we It was such a billet can now be glued blank to article by the same method I
  • 03:04: I use to attach the product to the barrette the opposite direction
  • 03:54: products can be leave the same but to make it look I neater I treat it with using lace flowers I pasting them the contour of the felt our product is ready
  • 04:30: next video tutorial I will tell you how oplesti rim one and two ribbons Thank you for watching I'd be happy if video will be useful Go to you my VKontakte group subscribe to instagram links I I leave in the description if you like Like put video see my other master classes share them with friends and subscribe to channel so as not to
  • 05:00: miss new video and good luck creative inspiration to all until