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  • 00:00: personal hello all good video today I'll show you how to make a door and pet bottle is the door for you to keep your technicians It is what you want and even found good It was also useless and beautiful . people will be recycling is already reusing the very versatile material that is to grab faith that we will turn her lippi to you save and your stuff I just hope you like it and we're going contact now bill of materials You'll need a glue gun.
  • 00:31: hot glue instant scissors pen so plastic bottles using 7 and travels in the colors of your preferably those also erê happened but it is optional if you do not I wish it was to have happened not There is a problem here. I already have some. pieces already cut to I'm going to ride this impasse now. here I am going to cut the bottle at the time desired and then just cut seven and a half here
  • 01:02: I cut it out and see the statue is competitive cut at a height not size enough to give back to the here in the capital Now just paste active glue instantaneous which can not use hot glue on the pet bottle as a matter of ethics Look who's staying
  • 01:55: and there it is only to do in the other piece Also, everyone is ready. now it's just necklace, what do I do? I'll use the hot glue gun. the forró now do the following oblige
  • 02:27: that time and the rose and I'll put it here yes, ill seeing here, I'll pass the line hot around here that one of the wheels and I'll put it here and now I'm going to cut it this excess here with the scissors I will not reap only finished in iac
  • 03:03: Formula One Ball-Finish Here the placing blows now we will open the lid to contain the
  • 03:43: cover stamped with r happened I'll put the little box here and I'll do it. mark here with the pen or with a toothpick something like that too no Do not miss the mark, right? I will cut around here I have had one to make it all back here in this part that will cap and when you get here AI this part is only cut with
  • 04:14: scissors or part here Opel will continue to roll here this side here's the amendment look
  • 04:46: We'll put these two pieces together. here necklace and now we will continue pasting until it's over now the album makes cover is already finished Then I have the pearls that I go
  • 05:18: put around here to do the finish on the top as the decoration is optional, I'll go put the screens 20 these pearls are the one of ready haze to run with pearl I'm going to put a tape to make a detail below Look at the moneys Step now just get
  • 05:53: here is the door to fit the lid and ready we have a fourth precooked limbo made with pet bottle so if you liked this tip more of the recycle bin then I liked the one like share on your social networks remember if when you share you help
  • 06:23: much in the disclosure and is an incentive so I bring new cool videos So said Klagenfurt like this one. so many others that I've brought here channel who subscribes here on the show crafts if you have not yet enrolled so this is very much, thank you for watching I watch as super beneficial and such