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  • 00:00: Hello everybody creative people today I offer you make round his casket hands that's the way it about will will look decorated both inside and outside it decorated with the help of decoupage and next video I'll show you how decorate it and this video we will do very casket for this we need
  • 00:32: the novelty of the adhesive tape empty stationery knife thick cardboard Binding cardboard ruler scissors pencil sandpaper piece I ' large and not very
  • 01:02: petty average here is a grain Now bunny pva glue she poured it here for convenience the most common school glue two kinds of cordon 1 Here's a cartoon, he is not very thin but not very flat yet recently it was part of the boxes of shoes he
  • 01:32: It should be well chip and not break at the same time another kind of cardboard This cardboard tonics ordinary school Cardboard, he is also very well bent and not breaks down and it suits us and normal leaf office paper I He took a bright color to well it was clear that you can approach any
  • 02:02: Colors and Brush glue so to us to make casket we need do cap and actually very casket that is, for this we need to reels of adhesive tape cut in two part of making it is exactly we will cut from our bright the long sheet side stripes half width centimeter So I have cut
  • 02:35: half centimeter the width of our caps Now we are putting striped edge bobinki of scotch and swathes of its We try to align edge that all is well Coincidentally that was rovnenko like this anchoring clamp
  • 03:06: checks Now take a simple pencil and draw out to line that we outlined our polosochka all
  • 03:36: remove the tick and we get here such a flat line on the the same distance from the edge one and a half centimeters of bobinki entire width by adhesive tape is now Getting to sell to the process This cutting process caps for wine we take this stationery knife very neat box It cut our wench do it
  • 04:07: very carefully to not to cut your fingers news from Scotch tape there are different pretty hard like me and are monument to the poet pressing need to according to how hard it to be injured eggs Well that's all
  • 04:48: all the worst behind we've got two halves it will cap and it will be but casket Cardboard pretty so tight cut it happens hard especially if Babenko from tape not so hard always work perfect cut exactly why we and turn over our
  • 05:20: zagotovochki not join them by topics steel that were before the edges here so now we you need to cut the bottom and cap for this we and take zagotovochku draw out its foreign party people one victim here and even as they firmly same size as
  • 05:56: and cut to our zagotovochka It turned into box it should well closed and No not move
  • 06:26: butt cap should it should keep well so I will show casket we need do here is elevation of which will Cover and backfilled due to which it does not it will fall will be good hold on to us make such we Upland necessary measure breadth of our workpiece and make and measure and
  • 06:58: a little longer just 45 millimeters longer than the width of workpiece and cut off because striped moon measured out of cardboard which on average thickness is not the thin and jump then I've ever had once the box shoes This is my turned rim its height three centimeters and 6 millimeters in your
  • 07:29: Depending on you you cut how thick you but your zagotovochka It may be more or less Well, if we simply insert will make will be visible Now that she is here And so we have here. rise above our but it will serve such a good zastezhechka our cover now we need to
  • 08:03: nice paste the ear this ribbon too long and we will a little cut off the to her crop properly we are the right length it pressing against the walls very tight as closely as possible Take enough
  • 08:39: tightly and draw a line on line where we ends conducting strip pencil line Now unfold That would be the length most of our stripes which will be place our cap we cut a little bit
  • 09:21: more all measured out make me a little bit square edge and now take well waiting for that paper edge erase it a secret that will allow us to glue this bumazhechki
  • 09:53: practically imperceptibly will not see any hardly see no seams be very careful and beautiful You need to thin the edge 1 and 2 It became our edge thin almost tapering off and a second corner of matter the same thing we
  • 10:24: did our land thin and now when we glue it inside the box then the transition will practically invisible will not be no bulges will rovnenko band take brush lubricates glue we turn to tubule
  • 10:55: We are putting the village Spreading Now this here piece also grease with glue we have left greased Now glue
  • 11:37: for that lubricates free edge adhesive preform pva We are putting. we experience We do the same with
  • 12:16: Well lid glue dried up and our workpiece acquired box shape we has a lid with us there but ie completely like a box all close all well-kept subsides and all works and now we be treated and up casket to all irregularities that have It has appeared in
  • 12:46: hours where It was cut unevenly a little bit of it all should be well but to cap were level with workpiece by flexible to take this sandpaper Shkurin Well, our casket ready to decoration it can be decorate in differently if you want to paste over it paper or cloth, make a volumetric
  • 13:16: decoration on the lid You can leave all as is and start but ready to decor box for painting decoupage and for this our surface should be as more exactly booths of scotch there is here such here grooves from here turnover. narrow and very but such shallow at other banks they a much wider and deeper in order to align our our the sides we need pasted them with another layer cardboard for this we you need to measure the height
  • 13:49: our bottom with regard to taking into account the bedplate flat tone and Eshka measure the height Caps also with Given the flat caps and cut two strips of thin cardboard So I cut them Now we need to stick their we
  • 14:23: our casket fully prepared to the next decoration and we decorate it will be in engineering decoupage effect aging as I do show next video