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Roses from organza. A rim for volos.\/Organza Rose - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone we make a bezel from rosettes for these roses I used two organza colors it dark pink and a bit lighter dark color is mine will be inside the Rosette light on the edges all petals for rose i already done and how I and I did to you now I will show but since organza transparent self I decided to show you
  • 00:31: me on organza and on satin ribbon at once we make the petal from bright pink color for this we take 5 by 5 square centimeters and add it to diagonals next add up corners here so way like this with one side smooth the tape and fix this here distance should turn out somewhere centimeter can be centimeter several millimeters accurately
  • 01:01: We also do the other side as well cut off the excess corners ribbon and fix it then from this points before this cut the ribbon evenly like this this should be you will get a petal as I said before these petals are with us
  • 01:31: will be inside the rose second petal which we will doing is done accurately as well as the first one small difference and now I 'll show you with how do we take a square 5 by 5 centimeters and also very add it to diagonals are the same fold and the corners of triangle cut and fix and on the other hand our procurement
  • 02:20: it turned out exactly the same only in the first sand we cut the ribbon exactly like this in this we cut off the petal in a semicircle like this it turns out that internal petals of us a little shorter I made the top 15 dark petals and 21 light is approximate number possible you will need to several petals
  • 02:50: more or less so with this we figured out now I'm petals from I remove the tape because that work well with petals of organza Once again I show that dark petals with flat bottom and light with semicircular optional color can be changed on the contrary remember that those petals which are lower should be inside roses now imposing one petal on another we collect them on thread After you
  • 04:08: collect all the petals you will see that they twist on spirals we need them add for this pull the thread together and consolidate in the end should be straight line like this just as we we collect on the thread and light petals petals can be contract after Build as I told you
  • 04:38: showed in the first option or immediately gathered several petals and pulled you see that when you collect these petals they have with us again spin in spiral q but when we tighten they are obtained by one line like this we collect all petals after our the petals are ready begin to collect a rose for this to me basis of need felt with a diameter of 4 s
  • 05:09: half a centimeter on the basis in a circle begin to stick light pink petals where we have crooked corners I hope to the camera this side is seen we will be watched down these lobes
  • 06:14: enough for three layers now from the dark I will be petals make as if for this I just I twist a strip of petals hot-melt adhesive only at the bottom bud
  • 06:50: paste in the center of the rose and on this is our rosette is ready for the rim I did five such roses to stick roses I I'll be in the same order as you see them on I'll start the screen mid-rim circles made of felt
  • 07:41: 3 and a half in size centimeter I paste from the back the parties in order that roses are better kept that's all the rim is ready I hope he will like if yes put classes and leave your comments and we see you very much coming soon video all bye
  • 08:11: he