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  • 00:00: My name is Marie I master a novelty fist in felting creative studio gooseberries today eve New Year holiday wish offer you make soap loofah a gift that in principle, and nice will give someone close mother and he quite easy to performance and enough ie functional it will grappa and wisp and for us
  • 00:30: need juice soap wool itself those directly colors that we will be working hot water needle felting foam cushions polyethylene bamboo bag mat and Latin rather the option that we should be separation itself but will carpeted mail Lena youtube Does the will as we come new year we will make a snowflake background we will be white Now we washed We take the detachable wool to it in size
  • 01:01: it was noisy could look with one and and on the other hand 2 us it is necessary that both the piece Had we woolen very easy to easy you check missing big banner in all but a piece of our we work without a wee bit so we will fix We need a new right Sponge with a needle into account Now this place is not fix girl with needles go Special Tus in
  • 01:31: They have a certain bulges that dumped dried just a little just to make it creaks turn this is our the front side of the there where we still it will be necessary to lay decline sorry we It will be red to take this Memory shure I stenochki you start a micro mixed Now we add these carefully to our
  • 02:01: foam take our a needle and also a little bit just this wool fix for the invasion that time is now it is the process of volition I never traveled anywhere recorded molochki our Now snowflake carefully remove our billet with drummer overturn it and wrap our Here, too, can be
  • 02:32: little very with just a modicum all sides Now all this land, too, It can be a little bit quite literally so use our wrapped it a bottom coat wool Now we will proceeding to the process directly to you and our procurement omit the hot water water should be so you buckwheat
  • 03:03: as it was comfortable save Terra black joke steep and now he has problems it is possible to take basically nylon stocking can polyethylene bag that is our task is simply to nothing special It happened and start very first order Nothing is simple with all sides Well still active now I started frothing here already started the process So here we go with all sides here have two types of felting
  • 03:36: when dry felting used only wool and foam a needle that is where you are do not use soap have wet felting When the wool laid there such as brooches some beads there Bag gloves hat that is, it laid out the wool poured hot with soapy water solution and this one begins stalling the process here just have soap It comes in as basis so naturally under together with water from the 6 there is it What is the process of its Well well, to
  • 04:06: the wool matted we have where it is necessary minutes 15 between a fell slightly our hairs have the there is not much not moves I can gently let do a little bit hands can slightly rubbed sheepskin for Autoport what purpose can be use bamboo rug a little longer accelerates process has hairs between themselves
  • 04:37: Scrapie has let can be more actively just rub the soap of the hill chickens clean film and bamboo carpet to how to speed up the process check matted whether our analyze products if we raise here more and more departs personally hairs manage complexity when it is January 2 means that even our and We move the date after As we have
  • 05:07: matted with our problem it just missed some water cold to it time to dry somewhere warm together here so spending on September 23 their personal time you can make perfect gift for their relatives at close to the upcoming holidays