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  • 00:00: hey guys I'm Rebecca Louise and today on X here we have got nine moves that are guaranteed to get you that flat stomach so if you're ready to work out I've got two very special piles as well with me so let's get going well I've got my two trusted friend trainers with me today we've got Harvey over here he's gonna be watching me today just critiquing Alfie is just having a little bit of a snooze and so we're going to get going so they're just gonna help us out as well today so we're gonna stop come down to the ground we're gonna bring our legs up to the ceiling
  • 00:32: arms out legs are gonna drop down and then bring those knees into the chest and up you're gonna really feel this in those lower abs oh you'll be feeling good today this is an awesome ab workout really are gonna be on our way to get in that flat stomach that we all want whoo your arms out to the side just gonna help give you a little bit of support don't grip down just have them gently there hi Harvey what's mommy doing interesting isn't it okay are you ready we're gonna go on to
  • 01:02: the next exercise in three two one stay up here the legs are just gonna come down to each side just gently drop it down we don't want to touch the ground just come as near as the ground as you can whew fellows and feeling everyone we're gonna be on our way to getting that six-pack Harvey how is your six-pack feeling today he's had breakfast they both have breakfast Alfie's always twins it still Hartman's oh how are you doing AVI okay it's give
  • 01:34: me five more seconds of these keep it going leg dropping down and coming up again into that starfish so legs apart arms apart and touching the opposite foot sweep opposite hand and breathe in now we always make sure that when we are doing exercises we are inhaling and exhaling because often we find that if we're not when we stand up we get a bit dizzy and that's why oh oh my goodness that was a close come on keep it going
  • 02:06: just a few more five four three two one let's flip over onto our summit Harvey is have enough of this already he's been doing is our workout already this morning so bring it into mountain climbers nice and controlled bring that knee into the chest keep that tummy pulled in okay should we sign to feel your abs working now I can definitely feel my that's it guys come on keep the gun we can do it got to
  • 02:39: work through this together no one is quitting on me we're going to go all the way through the end of the workout it's not that long you do this every day you really are going to improve those ABS see a flatter stomach whew I can feel get him spreading in here give me one more family now when you slip over again when they do those famous Russian twists so you can either do it with your legs and your feet on the ground or bring them up in the air it's gonna make it
  • 03:09: harder well why want you to do right now is only to look at your hands make sure that your eyes are following your hands try and get really right to the side of you we were really going to be working those obliques that's good side muscles here ah and breathe come on inhale exhale squeeze come on keep it going last one turning onto your stomach again we're going to get into a push-up position and we're going to bring one
  • 03:40: leg in here and hold it for 15 seconds pull that tummy in don't put your bottom in the air keep the nut spine nice and neutral whoo God it's getting it's hot in here Debbie hotter in here the knees in the studio boo and the next one let's go hold it here for 15 seconds and breathe don't think about the pain just keep it going just inhale and exhale come on keep that tummy pulled in you got it guys you can do it all the way to the
  • 04:12: end it's a few more exercises and I make these spins back around on yourself I know it's up and down up and down but that's good building extra calorie we're gonna put our legs up into the air one of my favorites - it's gonna do single leg drops so we're gonna be working those lower abs anything when you're back it's flat on the floor and your legs are out extender than they're going down towards the ground like flutter click to the clips scissor clicks this is the kit or these leg drops you're gonna be working those lower abs have a
  • 04:42: lot of people the hardest thing to work almost people bet so it's a lot to get those really bottom down tell me abs okay come on plus you Moscow and me one more I'm gonna stay up here we're gonna do circles we're gonna go to the left no we go to the right press for 30 seconds and then to the left I'm seriously dyslexic when it comes to my left and right I know but I thought was a bit embarrassing to not do that today when a trio probably
  • 05:13: should've done something more than full up myself I say the wrong way oh that's like when I'm driving in a car and the person goes right turn left and their turn is no other left happens all the time whoa okay come on keep it go let me go to the left now we are now we're going to let her establish it yeah that's fine do you know what you do this you hold your hands up this looks like a left and L so that helps me out you said to do honors at ballet all the time you have to stand the left or the right of the bar was you suppose whoo and it works
  • 05:43: keep it going come on feel the burn I could really feel my ABS working out so I'm just keep talking to you stretchy from the burn that you're feeling come on keep it going you've only got five seconds left to go whoo three two one and you're a stick with working on lower abs because they are the hardest thing to work so we're just gonna be doing flutter kicks now you can bring your legs up here you want to try and keep your back that's flat on
  • 06:13: the floor as you can yes you do Harvey or if you just wanna lose just like little little edge that's a nice they'll break for me we've got a whole minute these okay so make sure your back is flat on the ground if you can take it lower that's brilliant but then you really are going to feel that burn we don't want to arch your back so keep it going come on this is pain but it feels good the burn feels good I can feel the burn Rebecca yes I can those have you been saying that you can feel it and it's working for you let's get everybody involved
  • 06:43: let's get more of you into this feeling the burn working at your abs work let your legs you just feel so good after you exercise I've lost my other fellow trainer but lb is still here he's still with me still rooting us on come on help me we can do it can't we buddy yes that's his expressional face he doesn't have much an expression okay almost there apartment you've got five seconds left come on keep it going oh I can feel those ABS working and release whoa big breath and big breath out
  • 07:13: oh my goodness definitely you're hot in here and that was an awesome workout really felt that one there you have it there's the nine moves that really are gonna get that flat stomach gonna get you into shape it's coming up to summer so everyone wants to get ready for the beam or you know in your trunks or your shots amazing you wanna work up from yesterday we've got the best channel on YouTube so make sure you subscribe my name is Rebecca Louise any questions you can tweet me on Twitter as an autopilot or Facebook Rebecca Louise fitness