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  • 00:00: I love you look out I wrote down you recorded claiming a photo live and please how your name is alexandr i said Alexander's I can now here those who see us I raise my foot wrapped wrapped on the skill I'm you I will tell such a thing I use everything already methods to people worked and number of magic pendeli as I call it We work hard
  • 00:31: agree with you we changed many this is the way we changed place I ask for the first time I hear of this request once in the second in April last year's place dear friend I'm sorry, I his life is a letter to unfortunately did not read nests on did not reach I alone can tell me your phone number we fix now just say yours surname I will not speak your phone number i write down your name
  • 01:02: alexander street street where you probably Obolon like Xena about course that there are no heroes on the right I think that near future using all means including magical means there will be made transition answer more to your the question is very much you know see now there is a recession from
  • 01:36: steal money just lazy talked about the budget we 500 between enemies between rock space and we raised and we raised in September of the past 70 million stolen money and before this money settled put the asphalt in Mr. Puzanov you probably not track investments the most important
  • 02:06: investment that we have it what was good program is presented like this everything was developed that's all here the people of Kiev are good question thank you for what you need us provided where these money we raise billions of hryvnas we found found money we find money in these money children people yes heavy technical state condition in which now is hard of course in that situation and knowing that Today we found
  • 02:37: money to save on last a week with a huge pleasure again from the budget they took on I want to want myself I want to emphasize underline one we are not we have a legal we do not today the system can fines do not work return that loot that was by the way about what speak know such
  • 03:09: and when is it there was this occurred just a few years ago we are now this is all returned Once again, batu speculation on present day conditionally hot water [music] we can we yes we can u date hot water than talking cold water pro was going on in a hot and and the consumer at once it is cute for what
  • 03:39: consumed gas [laugh] [music]
  • 04:20: only now well apply will give [music] a [music] forgive tore a new one
  • 04:56: Escape will show Are you still so on
  • 05:27: we will continue we can leave itane and armor but head and supreme happy to like this proposition at a time ready and want to put on voting food that David rates heads of the Supreme Rada lest there should be a murderer blackmail and you have about positively worth a lot of surprises you not in the forest I will take you to passed the highest joy you mean everything about power supply before removal save it from
  • 05:57: the Supreme Rada passed I picked up something passat its top not for the sake of past salads supreme joy I will take you to who I am vote or voting for 2 votes against him they gave me work I go there where I'm ready to go the next hall now we like u and next meeting enlisted I'm ready through any excavate and do not need to talk that the nickname of someone fears or through what are the
  • 06:27: some black Exits in the years I turn out to be always through doors and do not jump do not choose not choose through windows through some other so your everyones then accusations that use and I do not know where they are here the main entrance and is the main line chapters that all let him do performance well, he adventurer
  • 06:57: the passerby fell on the studio he lies he does not know anything I get what I need do i leave the studio off moron is not years old I can go to the house for different we want to bear a moron crazy look at his eyes crazy sick man as his candidate zend and comfortable in the presidency to America when President and in Russia now in america The traitor is there receive money from
  • 07:27: State Department in the State Duma dear moron presidential candidates we vote them as we deem it necessary ldpr and I have it leader and you scoundrel never I will allow talk about who then someone attaches it a party that is 20 years old and for her vote millions of people in 13 million for your lot of assholes and crazy less one percent mix do not see whole assortment
  • 08:00: rascals live on it face sick man schizoid view any psychiatrist will say crazy therefore we have passed all laws and again we will To accept already if you have a higher education and the university teacher you work for laws that you took for your it increases us made armies today give more and more it we did what you say agon take today for all gong laws will be pridurok will be
  • 08:30: ears are not ringing yet work for you that would be he will ring then and and finished all laws are needed from there are bad laws we bear the amendments now amended and again increased supplements The name was criticized and we will practice a laws to us very much therefore , in front of the whole country says that we how do you vote should be in a thought you have never been and will not be in the Duma because that sick people voters someday the State Duma Parliament is for
  • 09:00: adoption of laws if you are going to sit Parliament does not take them too dishes studio you will show what