Ekaterina Chekulaeva

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The movie forbidden to display in Russia and in Novorossia about Putin  See details »



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  • 00:00: russia without Putin popular slogan on street rallies and really why there would be no irreplaceable does not happen or are there well let's for a moment that Vladimir Putin left from politics and a tired I 'm leaving guys let's go further Only do not ruin you in general have long looked at card to whom to entrust these are huge torn contradictions the country multinational incredibly complex with set of of internal conflicts capricious quick-tempered like a beautiful woman which never take away to
  • 00:30: a strange boyfriend most likely the power over her gennady Zyuganov it is quite possible that he leader of the second in strength and political party Russia okay we are only 20 years old departed from communism you can go back why not tie one another pioneer ties to expose an iron curtain and hands again to run away overtake the whole world giving way on the way for jeans and 3 slices sausages return their apartments to the state and again stand in queue for years in hope of several additional square meters or entrust her to the Vladimir
  • 01:00: Zhirinovsky person words a man of very many words are verbally hallucinations to the person who is for Russian present Russian peasant to him it will not be difficult protect russia from raging at squares and fascists if you fail nothing beautiful will suffer somehow not for the first time or to play with Russia in Russian roulette revolutions spit on all get out on barricades and whether that will be suddenly there will be a miracle and lucky for example with the cleverest Gregory Yavlinsky and whether he is holding the Caucasus whether or not there at all with talk to him or Caucasian is no longer our
  • 01:30: We need to live without And if the jackpot fall into the hands of great guy smart ideological smiling and he can there will not even be friends with no tower it's for sure and it's bingo does not allow a if he will be very lucky will not even give up Russia nearest foreign brothel will take and just give up pay their own accounts do you really get it all I like it in Russia without Putin you want to live like this