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Rug from rags weaved on a frame (with comments) - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear needlewoman I Irina Voroshilov today I want you tell us He tells us that mat can be called conditionally because he performed on loom and on the frame but the basics it is here Such are cut which strips joined together You see that on a needlewoman It connects the two strips Make an incision and missing a bars in the incision in this way connected
  • 00:30: consistently all cloth scraps fit perfectly different qualities only that depending on the thickness you adjust the width cut into their lanes weaving such rug would be necessary liter here you see small frame is Lunch will probably mat needlewoman shows that harvested strips of cloth they pull and a basis for future Products here you
  • 01:00: You see already large frame it certainly mat and here likewise pull cut the hair it is necessary to pull a tension here
  • 01:30: needlewoman bandaging the body to tighter Tighten the strips and of after she I pulled another strip time checks and tightens them to there was no slack here It has been going
  • 02:00: work you see is what on the sides of the frame there metal studs That Connect and and at the ends in the middle and do not need to when Braided Rugs had nor the roof that's Here's my frame the size of 80 by 120 meters and see the same height 23 pins cm and
  • 02:31: metal pin but I have it 3 fortified place and 4 but here please look produced interweaving of to his master Of course you have to revise the fragment not once but most biggest challenge is
  • 03:01: weaving around Pin the first node you You are doing for capturing loop in the first loop and then you will already too, every time twine capturing metal rod here you will certainly you can use certain color strips of cloth for to even make a pattern of
  • 03:32: that, see here you can explicitly weave pigtail Now I will say that US not affected It matters what you use which you use about buying because it will hide is the foundation of more than
  • 04:02: pay attention Nicky is a duck that is not a cross . here needlewoman shows how also start It draws attention to the that capture necessarily metal pin at the beginning of the weaving Here I specifically She slowed her for to you slowly image can
  • 04:39: see herself interweaving twines each strip of cloth vertical simple there are no offers any node and you just press the here here here here before
  • 05:13: quite freely 10 show that thickness regulated You see and use here it is very thin cloth to it is uniform the thickness of the mat was adjusts the width strips that is more dense strips of skin tissue and tissue thin them too can be used much wider
  • 05:43: cancers are not conducted in two sides top and bottom it is convenient things because each stripes you wind the basis of the nice to glomerulus Ottawa already weaves the strip and get attaching downstream also be seen
  • 06:13: What color best attach the strip then you can already organize some a certain pattern Choshu goat It uses the same most can not our only tie the stitching can be if the fabric allows investing because
  • 06:43: interweaving pretty tight here here needlewoman also makes I would have done the same words and weaving somehow to me personally I not credible but if there the possibility of course Makhrov you better spinning inside
  • 07:13: attaches strip the color you want us There is also a trench hole is wear shows that for a long time you need to pull up and they can be sealed and condenses on the planet systematically go knitting and see if it is possible to move find a lot of weaknesses and who it's desirable seal it
  • 07:43: pour me another plays from the front but the velocity needlewoman It works very carefully work best
  • 08:31: to perform at the top and bottom and end her mid-why better top and bottom It was the first opportunity will not need finally at the end of work work it all time at eye level to Besides, you serve in this way provide pattern uniformity with both sides country often apply some
  • 09:01: symmetry well in Operating principle Overall it will be possible because here it makes recent years who weave impossible to do the usual way In this complex we also nothing need will take pintsetik and do not have recent when weaving but your great Wrong side
  • 09:31: slightly worse than Face Master cadenza you started up it does not bother they met and mats in the hands of it on again It tells the story pin metal she was finishing touches and will now be removed these pins and helps
  • 10:01: I think a man but I am committed to make and I find it difficult most ie no problem is not and now will be with pin sage stumps removed himself mat he quite heavy say tight and Now needlewomen
  • 10:39: quits He took a few brush I would like to Ideally of course in each loop make tassels then it will amazing mat here is a simple
  • 11:14: reception using it in order to make this brush He pulls on a wide cardboard and now Prague there but here it is important it's these here angle so that they do not drowned and more than once brave can edge so it makes it this is the right moment it's a brush and
  • 11:44: who strengthens and inferno