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  • 00:00: Hello to you channel secrets knitting and silverside akman in this short video I want to show you also fit two-tone English gum on I took around 2 gray hank yarn color and peach on circular needles we even recruit the number of loops any even number of loops + 1 loop to combine knitting circle recruit loop
  • 00:30: any way here I He won 40 one loop ie 40 loops in I will leave it to English pattern gum using one loop we join in knitting a circle it is still and will remain 40 how to connect the loops knitting in the round I a hundred times showed so go to prompt, or Look down under the video will be a reference and to see the link watch this there is a short video much information about how to do it combined knitting circle and I'll put a marker so you can see
  • 01:00: where I began to end of the row knit the first row of the first loop knit front for the right wall then toss working thread here Now before this left needle and rented I make a second loop so here sc ie get a pair of loop-sc next front loop can immediately sc do and then remove on again front and throwing out
  • 01:33: I rented next loop with sc front and remove at kit + front and a loop We should be removed from sc and so knit up the end of the first row until the end of a series of high-spirited remove the front and last loop I I shoot with sc marker we move enter the first loop we knit front
  • 02:04: then at the end we It should get a couple loop-sc as it should be facial striping front loop sc sc loop and sure when connect the loop circle and the first rains the number to watch your knitting was not twisted, it did not go on spiral knit second We take a series of yarns a different color leave the tail 10 centimeters at the end your work then you it as something beautiful hibernation thread gray color we here It is simply operation of a second row
  • 02:34: knit so we move this thread to work before left needle and I shoot with front loop just see I drive right needle in front loop that's how it hangs so I it I insert and this is how we remove and Now this pair loop-sc provyazyvaem seamy classic like this back to front us here this loop we move thread I do nakida and shoot Couple it with the sc loop-sc
  • 03:05: provyazyvaem seamy classical remove from the front sc a pair of loop-sc provyazyvaem seamy classical and so knit to end of row dovyazyvaem second row until the end of the underside front and rented the end you see that I'm here this thread little she It moves back and forth it throws you to work there and provyazyvayte
  • 03:36: and hold and you need to knit it all purl leave gray thread if here it is a little climbs toss take the gray marker thread will work Now gray thread peach yarn color just reserve see it a menu hanging over third work knit series and we at the beginning of series is a steam and for a sc provyazyvaem they face and tightens well
  • 04:07: that we here between the last eyelet and 1 was not this does not broach holes was especially If you are knitting some LICs or hat you need always pull the first loop to here was a beautiful the joint further, we see seamy loop We do here and sc remove this seamy loop We see again a couple loop-sc provyazyvaem front we see wrong and we do sc remove a couple loop-sc front
  • 04:38: I see purl we remove the sc that every third row until the end of dovyazyvaem until the end of the third row of last loop peach and remove tighten the tip if you need it tightens we move the marker take peach thread lift peach thread In the way that it was closer to us and sulfur and more like this Now we Knit the next row already peach color on the pattern
  • 05:08: very easy to fit you just need to alternate second and third row of the first row is not consider it, we had as an auxiliary You see he is turned gray color, in principle, It could be a loop gain peach-colored here for you and so want to knit fourth row for it in the same manner as 2 You see before us gray Collar facial make sc and remove from the sc this gray loop then we go a couple loop-sc
  • 05:39: we do provyazyvaem seamy classic like this remove the front again with sc a pair of loop-sc provyazyvaem seamy classical way knit to the end fourth row provyazyvaem number 4 provyazyvaem couple loop-sc seamy toss marker now we need to take the gray thread You see it here is my that's the way we
  • 06:09: peach produce to get back here as well gray take flour and even following the fifth number in the same way as in the third sank a pair of loop-sc provyazyvaem front and and the night loop shoot I do sc a pair of loop-sc provyazyvaem front seamy shoot We are doing and knit sc to end agree that the pattern very very simple
  • 06:39: very easy remembered and here I'll see I see already the fifth row even intuitively evident what you need provyazyvat the front loop We have seen that seamy need shoot a couple Sc-loop need knit front because we have to obverse you see obtained such track gray facial and on the reverse hand we obtained peach track knitting and we fifth row and now again omit gray thread down and take
  • 07:09: peach lift it here and see turns out as though we they crisscross here and always remember that the first loop We need provyazyvat tighter to here is not It was no pulling there were holes and thus knit cap on the product or LICs e.g. to the desired height, we constantly alternating second and third row and if such is sleep and you want Now close the loop you can close and gray that is, we started to gray knit and gray
  • 07:39: end if you will started peach you can close peach color or can also conversely gray start peach finish as you want to close loop will be as follows way first loop provyazyvaem on Figure already face no peach thread Only operate the gray The following thread sc loop provyazyvaem wrong and now this the first to knit front dress on follow seamy like this on again knit front and
  • 08:11: dress on the wrong the front of the figure knit and wrong dress on the previous and thus subsequent permanent way close all the loops when you close the loop matter you provyazyvaete seamy classical or Grandma's principle as you want and knit only try not to tighten the this land here these you see obtained such pigtails
  • 08:41: try not to tighten the that they were the the elastic at the end your work as well as in the beginning of your work So you see, even here not more elastic then turned you need a little bit weaker knit provyazyvaem more pull loop and dress here this loop that spoke stronger pull knit again seamy relaxed and loops obtained in we are here and so pull and put on
  • 09:12: il eventually you succeed wonderful and bilateral products You see the one side gray bars from the wrong obtained peach can wear such as this LIC bilateral and so and so who both more to like in This, plus a knitting machinery so you see a pattern get soft a lengthy and enough elastic but these loop typesetting series and when we closed It keeps our pattern matter that he did not
  • 09:43: strongly stretched by the way is very beautiful such a pattern will be if you take a look one thread monochromatic example milky cars harness some sectional dyeing It is very well nice try I hope you all had clear from this Master-class assured each of you will tie a two-tone English gum if you have questions then write them Comment on this See you all in following video