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Pinetochki "Сама нежность"

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  • 00:00: Hello dear needlewoman in this Video Today I I show you how to tie here are pinetochki they are boots with Lapel high their you can unscrew there will be more legs will be hotter they zavyazochki
  • 00:31: this cushion and here so charming pinetochki today we are with you associate more years linked here such bow but it seems to me it will just once here because that there bow here is a bow bow but you see at its discretion if you like more with bow then I will give a video a reference I have 2 video where I and I told It showed on video how to link such
  • 01:02: I'll give you a bow 2 references on the video and you see how it associate in this video, I I will not give him Well this is your discretion so wish so we want We begin knitting 2 thread color that's a hole, and I have big white motor the thickness of the strings the same that color me here such yarn 50 grams of 150 meters hundred percent more acrylic
  • 01:34: Well, is not that about the thickness of this white strings here now with these two colors we will you write we need to work would all like scissors usually hook we have 10 soles centimeters and spoke at me dvoechka 275 did not even put you
  • 02:13: half, and that's two and a half is you There are five little bit I like the free two and a half I slept 35 loops I gained here on this shemku will knit sole and so as you better show and I I have seen all I gained 35 loops 1 row
  • 02:44: provyazat facial 2 bead number 1 facial sc 15 facial sc sc 1 front 15 facial sc 1 front and bead odd this 3 5 7 9 and 11 will facial loop all loop knit facial sc provyazyvayte
  • 03:15: inverted loop and so flip it did not have to holes and so we continue to knit further and spoke at we will after all these additions Fifty-five loops this designation constantly cross This facial is such you darling and it nakida it's a bead on sides so you can stop and kadrik So this is all. I wrote not to tell how knit like because
  • 03:45: that those who knits with me for all the time I It seems to have memorized I learned how to knit sole because Basically, it keeps all the same, and how many loops I add to were bigger size and to be smaller I did not give the video as that can open watch it and there It will become clear to you So knit sole I spoke to Fifty-five loops I crop the thread
  • 04:15: I have it will not need I leave just to make but the soul is not yet tidy This color is now taking take thread remove the first loop so knit 15 stitches
  • 04:49: together with the edge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 more 25 secondary loops we knit as on the front 1 do not remove the side
  • 05:19: provyazyvaya not for work should be Wrong again one filmed her at work 1 Wrong, and so we Knit four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen
  • 05:49: eighteen nineteen twenty-twenty one of twenty-two twenty-three and twenty four and 25 here we were shooting first and here we shoot first and then knit 15 stitches facial 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 purl
  • 06:19: side we have 15 loops provyazyvaem facial Now removed the noose provyazyvaem purl the loop that we
  • 06:52: provyazyvali wrong she seamy side we face and provyazyvaem front Discontinued Wrong the front face and then tender 15
  • 07:30: facial loops due to the fact that we remove from the face side and on seamy tie wrong we it turns out here such here rezinochka
  • 08:00: so it's right expressive Now knit more and remove an edge knit 14 more loops to removed loop and hall 15 loops we
  • 08:31: starting shot a loop we removed the noose and Next Wrong provyazyvaem 1 front further remove both figure is Wrong shooting Wrong shooting the work of the thread Wrong It remains with us as yet
  • 09:04: not imposed and so it remains for me filmed and wrong we overturn them so here and provyazyvaya left right and 2 together followed by the 15 facial loop knit 15 facial here and seamy face 15 again back knit knit 15 stitches
  • 09:36: here we go we loop 2 together provyazyvali on the wrong side find how Wrong we provyazyvaem seamy We should be removed too, and spent his not zna night and further I went one rezinochka per and again Wrong
  • 10:13: and the latter of which 2 together provyazyvali it goes wrong Further knit facial and boldly, even when further dividing filmed Loop it and we do not have it mine on the other side make a copy we provyazyvaem 2 and 2 together will already face and further Wrong front side we Removable front seamy provyazyvaem seamy Now we are left with
  • 11:05: here on needle 2 we face them turn over and provyazyvaem 1 front and then knit 15 facial and so we diminish the sides in Each personal number gradually diminish diminish diminish Here's how the battle here So I diminish until we spoke to 35 hinges in the middle, and at the We will have 1 face 2 purl but apart
  • 11:37: the two that we knit 2 together, we It is here Wrong filmed Wrong and only the spokes of the remaining 35 loops and here we diminish until while we will here is the number of loops c35 loops that's what I turned and Here in the middle, I was not counting those two are from Lisa my jealousy purl front Wrong and sides I have two loops 2 which together
  • 12:08: provyazyvala Now two rows just knit facial loops already nothing to diminish will all 35 loops knit facial loops on the front and on the seamy side even eat at night
  • 13:15: side of all the loops to the end knit facial and we make holes for zavyazochek 1 st shooting provyazyvaem The following 2 site then 2 together nakida sc sc 2 together and so on back knit all sts facial Now provyazyvaem holes
  • 13:45: back to hold out and glycerol, and now we we will knit rezinochku one on I knit one here for rezinochkoy to somehow to leg pulled to she wobbled I knit rezinochku Now you say as there is no such a rule somewhere four centimeters knit there is no such rules and so it is necessary to knit look at your discretion higher below as you want knit rezinochku 1 of 1
  • 14:16: and so on to knit end and knit a511 4 centimeter I rezinochkoy there are four four centimeters with half and now 6 series about knit all loops facial knit second row
  • 15:16: then again 4 rows to knit facial we've got here we have a gut-wrenching on the wrong side because it will have We obverse that we Get 3 3 Behold such facial track rather purl track facial 6 a number we get Lanes 3 and purl knit Now take another color
  • 15:46: our strings inclusion in the work of seamy side 1 loop remove further knit 1 front remove one of his Myth 1 shooting and the edge
  • 16:35: further removed loop provyazyvaem front seamy backing ie little white provyazyvaem front color have in name wrong we take white
  • 17:28: thread and two rows provyazyvaem just all the loops facial knit front to end and back facial else we repeat this risunochek twice the there and take color and thread and knit Now one face one to remove one 1 to remove the front wrong side we
  • 17:58: shot provyazyvaem front wrong provyazyvaem then purl two series provyazyvaem white thread so we knit 3 rows of Figure 1 knit rows 6 the facial loops There are three tracks just as I have here Now 1 2 3 and also knit there are three tracks All loops knit facial is a facial on the wrong side so I have a good 6
  • 18:34: I got the There are two tracks, and there are three tracks and Now we close All loops close not very tight to with no lapel are pulled together at the bottom of the fly these pinetochki
  • 19:48: obtained cushy just on as the little white winter Snow sokkia baby They will be very warm cozy and comfortable so cut the thread of our pinetochki boots ready and now we can only make the ends of threads we
  • 20:22: patch Cape also do is still 2 tuning and strings but that they do not
  • 21:10: untied and also coin for doing short tip I remained so now
  • 21:40: sew little white here here and then Temnik sew PKU soul I like to sew you He showed more than one time for Shivaya crochet and then take as pigtail one
  • 22:12: hand and with pigtail the other hand something to hold on thread stratified I sew Chronicle ligated to billing little white
  • 22:42: temnenky sewed from dark pull them then it turns out So we walk on
  • 23:21: Zinochka on the front side is now turn out inside out and sew down the wrong party from from sew little white
  • 23:53: then tomnenkaya thread and threads of ready here we have a seam has turned out if you all right neatly sewed we get a imperceptible seam neat we get it our movie is a box
  • 24:23: that a garment first jam through shnurochek our this shnurochek Stretch out here turn off shnurochek it clay which you need
  • 24:55: Listen wane no tighten the other on leg as you wish they are narrow they are not just wide polzunochki dress or pants suit kolgotochki and just they will be on
  • 25:26: kolgotochki very OK will not be a leg pull rezinochka will keep on feet are I did blame stuff this is easily remedied so then I will cut off
  • 26:14: Basically it is superfluous no matter how important tie Do nitochek Well that's all the girls I hide it so I have not been seen here since our current pinetochki we They tied up today our video tutorial but I think a good idea got pretty little white just and still winter subscribe to my channel and you will see more lots of interesting and useful the video for yourself, and forward your comments
  • 26:44: I am waiting for your subscriptions and all the best to goodbye and to new meetings