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  • 00:00: pattern bird's foot Such is this pattern diagram of how you You see all fit columns, without sc and cunning only here knitting these bird legs rapport pattern horizontally 6 loops, I'll show you Again, a small sample scored 13 for ie loops are two report + 1 loop for pattern symmetry and knitted 4 rows columns, without sc Now you need to change
  • 00:31: color for it here the latter is the last column you I immediately knit second color I am doing aerial loop I turn and bind three columns without 1 2 3 nakida this I will place is located here Here in this foot pattern There is a small one
  • 01:01: cunning look we mean foot will go some manner we first loop draw out the mixture is on two columns but not 4 and from the third row second loop 3 here here we will ascend and the next column we We need to associate But on this column, and in general find this column will difficult so I'm in it right Now I put a marker
  • 01:33: Now knit foot we do sc shimmy dress down and two columns to the right pulling thread about the center now we need to It will be here in this that is, the point or relative to the first hinges on a column left and dress down we do sc pierce the fabric and
  • 02:03: just now the reverse side gat loop pull Now the central on this column where we would have knitted column but without sc we pull out the first row of such Now long will Now Collar shimmy up outfit and one column 4 and left again outfit up and column
  • 02:35: left here we I stretched five Nichikov started loops Now provyazyvaem them all together here except this loop the loops that have We had to hook it in fact we have knit like column sc without regard Now that we have this loop Only you will be zeros and provyazyvaem two loops together Now look here you need to knit column on this column but certain experience you but will be able to find it
  • 03:05: it is better to start so here notice Marker is in general that convenient to watch so as not to catch Here's the extended our loop Now knit five 2 columns, without sc 3 4 and 5, we will be here The following foot well We put a marker
  • 03:35: retreating column 1 knit the same tray that is shifted to the 2 column and 1 row rendered it first Loop has a number below 2 and left and center from the front row We pull loops on riding and outfit
  • 04:06: column to the left and more just dress up and the left column provyazyvayu all loops except the one in which We have been on the hook Loops and 2 together from here to the column marked Marker end of the series then I will have three column so between between the legs 5 of them in this case
  • 04:36: 3 Now we have all our beauty related The following three rows knit the same color columns, without sc and change the color of these very foot disposal staggered let's see it on large Drustan Here is such a me there is a pattern
  • 05:07: exactly the same both sides and Generally it's due what we pulled the loop this pattern it turns out not entirely smooth generally not but lush column somewhere close to it such a very soft and pleasant can be used in Generally it anywhere in I now he is bright beautiful the there is a rather de children's version color matching but if the color is
  • 05:39: say no to such cause you can use their fingers in the female and menswear what yet the charm of this I mean a pattern here changes colors every 43 yes but in principle this pattern can be knit and all just 1 tonne Here will be the textured plus given that this just without bars nakida very easy build different a unique line
  • 06:09: do addition and subtraction on the canvas but what has legs placed on pattern can be some drawing of these legs that is let's enter Now this triangular part of the fabric tie smoothly and that's goes triangle ie here these here part of a columns, without sc so what is next these begin to knit trays, ie drawing can some over there
  • 06:41: diamonds triangles are make and dispose they can be in general that also quite It makes possible to do away between both of them horizontally and Vertical more that let's have through one how to do something here say February 1 and here here are three here's all will smoothly ie color changes, too Now you can not through
  • 07:12: there are four kinds of say eight general very rich spacious drawing fantasy really a trim beautiful even in monophonic version These tabs will look out for the count general, such his Postpaid and convexity try show that you have You see these tabs they are a little bit so rise above the general cloth very beautiful figure and
  • 07:46: the most important general some of it can be do many interesting options subscribe to my channel so as not to skip new I have many videos ideas so ahead You will find a lot interesting I wish you success and light eyelets