Liudmila Vazyulya

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Prayer - For punishment of enemies and offenders. (Judas's damnation) - YouTube  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: praise God and I do not if Thou be silent mouth greshnichi tired and steel data was opened on the highway verb tires languages if the balance is flattering would have hated showers and a brooch with a my town and instead of the amateur I Bolgov wrung out and put at frozen for the good and hate for I will recompense My debate put on He and the sinner the devil would get at his right hand vnegda and sue him and the scored convicted and will be in prayer and year
  • 00:31: the sin will not igumens Do bishopric and year take and let them be sons or goose and his wife a widow when moving to settle his sons is asked to exile will be from home to their require it the lender all or Guido essence and delight other people's works of his let it not be him they are also the patron yes It will teach for if you it'll get Chadaev Martyrdom like
  • 01:01: single to consume his name Davos confess the iniquity of his father before the Lord and sin mother and not year they may be cleared before the Lord, and you are well to whether the consumer memory Remember understatement show kindness and full man is not conductive and God and we were able to heart and slay Love the oath and he will come and willed blessings and away from him and Guise of the tab Thou cutter and do not go
  • 01:31: to the water in the womb of his I smoked in the bones and gu I let him be and measles for it is already clothed Thou and they live in the zone Belt Street eaten having meow Lord and saying, someone on my soul This Lord, Lord, done to me named for your benefit to Gui thy mercy deliver me to draw Boogie has mass and Understand the heart is pulled named Yak-7 on vnegda I'm all thread turns gray
  • 02:02: stress about the bruise I node of the knee We have guests from fasting and My flesh change eat but for and the various reproach and You see how your name their heads Pomozov E Lord my God save me for thy mercy, and to they understand teka your hand shines and God and I made this very and you curse and bless and wasps melting us so Confounded the pit your you have fun
  • 02:32: to be clothed possessing but shame clothing and clothing Sayaka hard their God be corrected lausd visa and my IIST you among many field and to whom I have to imagine waistband and the same god save from burning my soul