Galina Tsyirfa

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We learn colloquial expressions. An English lesson for all. Interesting training of new words. - YouTube  See details »

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  • 01:36: that way across the logo to take up and I charge an amount attempt an ovum to take up I took up tennis last year
  • 02:01: we took up jogging last week to take off this lid tight to take off how do birds take off
  • 02:39: to take off this homogeneous namazi burst Oliva adhere the of schlock FK attack dollar to take off please take off your shoes
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  • 04:02: stop depriving the fries of a goggle my brother doesn't want to play the guitar anymore he wants to take up the drums
  • 04:41: excuse me when does the plane take off the plane takes off at 9:30 take off your hat take off your shoes
  • 05:00: take off your jacket take off your jacket and come in please
  • 05:38: you