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Preparation from beet for the winter. Rare recipe.  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends with you I Tatyana Vasilyeva and my garden where all It grows here I am for the first time I rented their beets how it was impossible and and remove all non snimesh growing a whole lot yes even grapes Grapes also growing here maize here I in the neighbors grows huge like a rose also already tear and but that's not all it's not about corn dressed we are talking about beets we will show how do
  • 00:33: harvests for winter beets and now that I I want to say we do not have refrigerator and no some sort of basement and we can not beet store store nowhere but would still grown a lot because Now that this preform I today we introduce you introduce it is so delicious that's what we do many were looking for recipes I do a lot of different recipes I tried did but when they found the we are already doing in '30 We rested on him and their business here from
  • 01:04: beets only this recipe how can use this beets the use of very but many such beet salad with garlic soup more herring under coat here that we beets, too, using We are doing so simple salad beet cucumber preserved from banks and mayonnaise too a delicious sharp little salad then as a side dish that
  • 01:34: there is a very great reheat it beets Well, there is a cutlet with like meat with any garnish with delicious cutlets of liver very tasty here beet well, and used vinaigrette salad of course beets It decided to cut cubes but when there is no time and vinaigrette want never cook beets quietly open this jar and taste salad from this did not decrease that is used very very well maybe I have something
  • 02:05: now forgotten but the main I said so We do it a lot of advantages your vitamins in which vegetable winter on the day very little It is grown vegetables their own hands You know that without Chemistry without all already exactly in front of all grew so do beets lots and lots of planting and many harvests ie beets It is just such a well how to be an important pro Vegetables on our area calculation I give one kilogram beet that is us need 1
  • 02:36: kilogram fully with boiled beets 1 lemon salt and sugar beets and an accident in pressure cooker that is, I have 2 pressure cooker just put two pressure cooker and cook you many beets view day doing this beetroot lemon It serves as a substitutes like vinegar the taste is not quite it affects the circulation Such is acquiring any such special the taste is very delicious with lemon with lemon acid not tried
  • 03:06: so here's how to have this recipe I I checked for a long time and Practicing here one of the reasons why open cans is something that beets can be given out There are three reasons undercooked beets somewhere that is not sterile horny and banks there are a couple of incomplete stylized well beets somewhere It may not be as well washed and a loose tighten the key There are three reasons because I'm doing this for a long time in the past year
  • 03:36: 20 cans made floor liter no bank is not opened so just observe here These are simple the need for any blanks and rules until cooked beets it's time to banks, banks need wash carefully soda and sterilize here I use this has seen its own kinds important circle pick up saucepan desired diameter and over steam boiling water to as it is already in the hands of impossible was this jar that is, to take it must be very
  • 04:06: but no longer hot I love all the banks sterilize especially small in half-liter microwave fits 5 cans We put on the best a strong regime of 10 minutes and ready but not forget to pour Well, a little bit of water somewhere centimeter not More here I am once I put on again and I burst circle But in most microwave on who all put plus 1 Bank so now I not forgetting to pour water cover about cover is also not forget the boiling of water and boil All that is here is
  • 04:36: the most important thing that all it was nice to just implemented after As beets well cooked rub it in coarse grater here which only the most there is a major NATO and we rub use of such the device is very conveniently the same large grater and it turns quickly carrots, too, I do not rub can be a meat grinder given such adaptation I tried the vegetable cutter cubes do too like all club get cubes but to me a few
  • 05:06: cans opened and so he did not to take risks and make for ears like a type tested recipes very good ted beets so sweet It called from the beets but about the black widow beet varieties which I plant, I later take off And now here we are We are doing this blank and beetroot in a pan pour 4 tablespoons tablespoons of sunflower Oil now we have three poured today We added one beet All and all this juice beet that is all that
  • 05:36: rubbed to all send pan afterwards with salt and salt and sugar add one teaspoon heaped spoonful salt you more for Luli day about dismantling Now let's show here 1 teaspoon to salt and 4 slide tablespoons bezgorki sugar but so without an appointment hill slopes 4 tablespoons spoons of sugar and all of us remains only
  • 06:06: add lemon juice and after that We send it to cook 4 but I put them all Now beets 1 lemon and squeezing all ship beets simmer for 15 minutes the moment of boiling simmer stir 15 minutes after the beets pokipit 15 minutes, and boiling We need to be expanded in banks spoon to press down air out of the jar and
  • 06:36: to the bank was Now I have the whole of the this norm has turned 2 liter jars floor but if I added another piece of beet and during preparation it would have been better as it were, barely a flicker sufficed may be one tablespoon after this necessarily we place immediately bank under the covers and there they lie until cool down This concludes talk about beet harvesting I hope you too
  • 07:07: like this recipe useful and delicious and very right in the winter when few vitamins I bid you farewell until See you soon