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  • 00:00: Good day all good people my name is Andrew germane flow welcome to my small shop on the balcony I promised to tell about sharpening such here corner chisel in general performing his promise first briefly to tell history as I bought it where we show 14 year Belarus Ruble was something about what we can not speak such as would incomprehensible story
  • 00:30: It happened with prices in Generally in the store Here's the low 100 I I bought a box of 12 dollars either 14 Russia I looked at should probably times two more analogs of the mad when elsana from $ 100 quarrels and even more expensive but for the money I would Life did not take because it's pretty specific subsidiary for me I tool I took her to
  • 01:02: to shoot the nest who has done router and a at angles of Applications tie loops originally chisel atarax it is unsuitable to work that is it let's say not imprisoned for shaped like quite simply the angle conditionally clever ideas about sharpening corner chisel He drew three
  • 01:33: sources First is a forum workman in the second It is the site of Robert sorbet well and in third this roller to the sky Puchalski if Nelson links as if I placed in description of this roller smartness I thought I learned in First is that this chisel work with
  • 02:03: mallet so already this ideal for. for ordinary chisels there is no need I translate here right Thai with the sheet that written by Robert sorbet that must not all to English I know there most tractor it is not clear about it all painted means the basic principle sharpeners bit it is necessary to sharpen but often it spreads
  • 02:33: on the corner chisel I am also in favor. corner chisels difficult deal, even for Professionals have two alternative method One probably more it is easy to pinch chisel's bevel then up in a vise and sharpen every individually edge using diamond Needle This method allows to see what and where we are do you have a second
  • 03:04: method is used water stones or oil I'm stones used here such Diamond's brusochek about it a bit later these stones shall be flat have sharp brink again each of the edges. I used separately I'm such a rock then I have a spare It means to 2 grain moan 8350 the forty-first thing
  • 03:37: I lined the back despite surface the fact that it was here all These zapolirovat Here are the surface with holes stones at me set these here holders self-made made them for a long time just It means two cubes two floor pins spots and M6 thumbscrews with the reverse side
  • 04:09: all law Trine on the back side wooden wedges glued gum to avoid slipping why holder because when We will drag to chisel not rested if the surface of the just put bar on the surface table I think that It will not work touch positions various bars and
  • 04:40: I grease oil I read this story Oil is Johnson Baby Hand neutral and lubricates pretty good in general I put in place 1 100 so here lifts that I feel that here she became not mind Of course you can still marker to spread
  • 05:10: In order to be seen check the place where the behind . now with the opposite sides And now take a walk
  • 05:40: by Bruce bitch skin that bear paste GOI Well, this here
  • 06:26: obtained and cutting kromochka cops cuts it turns the edges
  • 06:57: quite smooth on pine What can I say in general the course followed by 100 dollars I to this type of satanic buy did not buy even there, 50 and 30 12 there is $ 14 it is currently working tool perhaps that's all Thank you for watching bye