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Cap spokes of \"Briosh\" part 3 (end) of brioche hat\"  See details »



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  • 00:00: knitting Angelina and so knit next row Now I have I knit 1 of our rapport pattern clearly to you We see what we do knit one face lifted They joined removed 1 we are not braid knit and it is so
  • 00:30: I'll go here increase provyazyvaem on Figure 2 now rapport all the same thing that we did Now here we were binding it you with his one provyazyvaem front number we knit front 1 rented here this petelechku combine them together with these men We blame, we know yes how to knit removed inserted a front
  • 01:00: dragged into the little white it actually has the pigtail so we all the we have done here is our already It is already beautiful We removed the little white knit braid one we have it is without a pattern here I have increase increase we are able to do 1 to 3 Total knit removed
  • 01:32: our facial pattern report it here I ended another Next we have here We know what we are doing just knit 1 face lifted here is we are on association braids We have removed the front knit stretched first and pigtail third pigtail here
  • 02:04: pattern our live as beautifully composed We have seen all right turns We removed that we have one pigtail is always here I do not knit you increase every here we were binding on we do beach one here unite it is simply knit here we are increasing all Now this is our small report here
  • 02:34: Remember it before it quite easy easy here we increase here a knit combine These two pigtails in Here we are not going attached to it here even our 13 daughters we knit I'm not black show threads of we are knit purl rows of drawing and white risunochek we dasoni knit more here see that we
  • 03:04: it turns out that's a marker I cleaned our first here it is a loop we combine it unite Kinema 10 so combining 5-ku We have removed the front knit changed and places it all you know is still with you are able to all it turns out beautifully all pulled thread Then she bit so Go ahead all of
  • 03:36: knit a braid but here again increase since therefore wrong lifted front knit seamy filmed board increase because and this is how all wrong rented whole provyazyvaem
  • 04:06: removing all wrong Now so we do Now here we are Here we have combined also combine this we all dovyazyvaem all right for drawing wrong so we have removed it
  • 04:39: combine to remove me front knit thread moved Now this little white eyelet we that's handbag found third as the convergent such braids have set about to here we are We combine this one series we have with you is the last row of a pattern everything else we
  • 05:11: We will repeat here that is, remember here we are increasing we have from one two three we have four be 5 braids not think the ranks forget to do sc on eyelets here We pigtail that
  • 05:43: we are not drawing We touched here now Now combine the It is very simple last ryadochek here we always adds dovyazyvaem all is well single pigtail we do not and touched the We have teamed up early here we unite there pigtail here add the imposed another same points knit Wrong black
  • 06:13: knit the next row the next row is knitted Thus, we provyazyvaem one two three braids This is what we We unite here knit that we it turns on Knit shot two We consider two pigtails Knit and third knit
  • 06:47: Now that's removed these we combine the two also begins a new pattern our some really rush here Now one pigtail provyazyvaem here doing so
  • 07:17: addition of 1 provyazyvaem three one Now two or three times two Three knit without a pattern just provyazyvaem as they go in our 12 not in a hurry three Knit braids and knit braids
  • 07:48: sc did it we will combine now united single pigtail simply provyazyvaem here it is at We add here adding from 1 2 3 and dovyazyvaem number
  • 08:18: already own we know cards So look as the next ryadochek we are knit 2 rapport and tied here's the report we we were binding is here February 1 facial we eyelet
  • 08:48: front tied We filmed here here here the two loops we We will combine one knit here again increase here here so goes the masses risunochek our means this loop we took knit front section back and changed the water in some places We tied our bumps
  • 09:20: everything is now removed one we face provyazyvaem one she We usually have one there always talking about spring here we are increasing although two three here seamy loop at We went and facial Wrong loop
  • 09:50: we all moved again In our new report Now a new report is knit and Here we see dovyazyvaem with you ryadochek where we knit 2 face Our pigtails are we one united pigtail provyazyvaem we have it here at no without drawing you go pigtail here this series we dovyazyvaem I want show you the principle
  • 10:21: knitting itself here remember dapper last petelechki we'll add yet still add Yulechka wrong shooting but I'm here with you removed removed more front here now us here we all uniquely ryadochek dovyazali and start
  • 10:52: our new series licked my ryadochek We begin to knit more one another black we are knit purl loops and knit Now facial here we do one provyazyvaya and here combine loops together how do you you know there knit front reversed here
  • 11:22: there is repeated the figure is nothing new we are with you do not this side of this hand all the time we Join here and here at last we always increasing therebetween we are here pigtail which always goes between the pictures and she we are having such here itself as so here we
  • 11:54: ie increase we are doing everything during the same if the output analyzing knitting what we are doing same here see that we We do the next row Now let's think We stayed together One braid so she
  • 12:25: you attach it open space but it is missing and here and here Knit one more in eventually you should get here to expand smoothly five braids 5 braids and here you should have 3 things to output we then attach dovyazhem to let that's the end of the series
  • 12:56: I will try another explain just once When all the rows are connected we let quick fresh Wrong face Wrong this loop we attach all dovyazyvaem ryadochek and will have more time walk on the theory
  • 13:26: how to link such beanie beautiful and quickly and not to look cheat sheet to knit will be the last a number of our pattern tits we stayed one braid we are now I will unite together there is simply knit pigtail and here I will I am writing last see expansion as we have it
  • 13:57: get here in this Here you rootstock pigtails she always is initially because County brush 34 more one will be 5 more we We do not increase here five stuff goes on expansion and here It will have one 20.3 pigtail pigtail Total Seibu three pigtails and here 5 extensions here on This pattern we ends and we We begin to knit it let's re that we ryadochek
  • 14:28: I will explain to knit but remember that we are the body we were binding facial eyelets the loop last we provyazyvaem on we filmed like this operably linked Now here it all together Now one pigtail we provyazyvaem without the wrong pattern Achille here
  • 15:00: increase last one another we have should get 5 increase itself the latter has a daughter and then the next we begin a series of you knit pattern the beginning for a while until you it seems to me you are knitting already we have a little scheme represented as it fit so I
  • 15:31: Knit 1 loop on we will removal contract her have removed the front knit moved on needle needle so all that's left here one pigtail bound here to add here you should get this is now So this one here Our pattern here is a he two pigtails on between
  • 16:02: their pattern and here are obtained from bumps We have here two or three times on May 4 six is when I let I see here that ryadochek last I begin already close loops look how to do it and here see that we have a you get us dovyazali last row drawing a combined here our loops and here one Knit and here
  • 16:34: we have five thousand Now it turns out that's is here our picture report and now we have to repeat risunochek we have a visa still a time that's how this is done to bail out We should be about sc currently point each circuit Now our loop here our works How to start it you would understand here it turns out we are now
  • 17:05: as hers knit 1 2 3 3 eyelets But if the three pigtails will connect 1 we go pigtails simply and without a pattern here we will add Here is the previous number in we beads 12 here we knit here's one we had 3 more joined fourth and fifth, we add another
  • 17:36: 1 rosettes pigtail March 2 We combine these two petelechki here just knit here add the following a number we have here 2 will be here petelechki we will combine here leave here add another next row here we are left with one pigtail here we are We combine all knit exactly here yet
  • 18:07: add all series 3-4 and our pattern Well I knit Look, I knit I measured turned 18 here they are in centimeters us I have measured on the head all I how to complete we will diminish the tabs you dovyazyvaete until the end is our port we do facial
  • 18:38: petelechki we like Wrong, we always We will knit on figure a facial, we will knit slightly different facial loop seamy removed front loop that is all our drawing our entire pattern we provyazyvaem just pigtails Now 12 and 4 and knit 55 more those two
  • 19:13: we connect close as we have able removed petelechku Knit like this in a simple manner at the We get a very beautiful window hat is all full our experience just repeat the same same here provyazyvaem All shu shu shu shu
  • 19:43: pigtails where the last together the following a number of us are black not . by the pattern of the next series we are all the same thing two last we closing time close close until at the spokes will not remain very few loops and Th when we go on 4 spokes and to diminish the end, and so we dovyazali to end all our ranks recall
  • 20:13: As we were finishing yes we have been here with you 5 plaits Yes, we remember provyazyvali under the last two handbag we have combined a number of knit and the united and that's the way combining each not counting the number of black backstitches black not . we provyazyvaem on Figure that's because we They came and joined that's just in one pigtail our petelechki and see
  • 20:45: what we do Here is a flower of shishechek that's so beautiful crown thread went 80 grams everything and now look on the other side you can come here such as beauty double-sided cap can be connected any color and will
  • 21:15: to look beautiful new appointments light your tabs Have a good mood you can buy