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Brovchenko's family. The recipe of the most tasty soft drink (kvass) from inflorescences of an acacia or elder.  See details »

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  • 00:00: who was born with the union Now remember these machines where there was Here soda can to buy Sid Roth am 5 cents a glass you threw a glass effervescent pleasant drink and so I want to share with you the same recipe is homemade lemonade I the wife of his so-called Here is the original product of inflorescences Elderberry can be made acacia flowers
  • 00:30: It can be made from tea rose petals this non-alcoholic product may be well that dream that is so in kefir say or more but it's here this is not no beer brew this is delicious pleasant drink nothing it is called kvas kvass someone who who lemonade lemonade yes Here's that bottle It was closed in Last year in May
  • 01:01: month when blooming acacia Now I want you to first and then show I tell in the end video recipe how this class is then when you pour do not add here's how to gases which kopyatsya there to serve and bottle very very tense 5 centimeters is not necessary 57 centimeters is not refill opening Now you need to open
  • 01:35: all at once as a would be to make the most I went out quickly Pressure from here because if You will be a little bit open you very open and highly and so literally literally three or four receiving here such we will open bottle and immediately I want's try say this is here a little there such as in a the surface you see yes it is it normally the remains
  • 02:06: with blooming flowers just one more minute and we will try as long as I I'll do it to you I will say about the recipe means we take 10 liters of your conventional cold from unboiled well it is desirable to associate if someone in will make a flower I do not recommend to vomit
  • 02:36: the city off the beaten track go somewhere for city ​​to be without exhaust of total total total all in all Now take 10 liters water I'll be a little bit pry the recipe deny buds elderberry blossoms when it blooms or 50 with acacia flowers fully here this sprigs branches cluster 10 liters of water pour these 10 liters of water these inflorescences night
  • 03:06: and put it on the night of It can be somewhere in her watch 6 like this put on night in a dark place or days, not in the sun then place somewhere utrechkom 11 an hour that 12 because we are closer to the dinner we filter it all here flowers cast aside in this water adding about 1 and 7 a kilogram of sugar If you throw will 2 many will be very sweet 17 kilograms sugar are the two
  • 03:37: tablespoons citric acid without slides tablespoons citric acid without slides and one kilogram 700 grams sugar it's all good mix solim bottle without adding remember so very good twist and We put in the cold you can place in the basement can be somewhere here a position on Two or three months after the it
  • 04:08: ready to drink Here it is in use We stood for one year we still have, we Last year did We have done a lot of 300 he is not here liters It loses its qualities he does not lose no here such as I pour it is the most here we kids just love it is how we's wife I I have again call it home super lemonade all sweaters
  • 04:38: Bon Appetit and good success in life