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  • 00:00: dad and money today we will twist roses denim fabrics for this need socium fabric cut diagonally about centimeters 30 Well width centimeter four with half so now at will see from us to whom what more like these rosettes will twist cage in vases with lace looks russia is more elegant such roses are very good for products style bogo style
  • 00:30: best flies we connect the duck with cats picture all pasted at help made 100 years old and this is a business pistol you do not have it dispense with color needle sewing start curl in the first place zilog pasted ago
  • 01:00: or file a case against all this with purl side molecules of glue drops and press with your fingers continue to twist denim and wind up lace goats can still be make of any fabrics are simple and prices candy denim you do not I do not want to go so that the edges can be seen scrap himself
  • 01:36: to fold in two how to figure tissues since the country curl knitted fabric screw in the lace small steps cool our jeans rosette and
  • 02:23: a
  • 03:38: the aram the
  • 04:55: after we reached the very end
  • 05:26: our darts went ribbons for roses rather we twist remaining tail branding is good for them the smallest tail we deliver to the wrong side well there can be about you glue well squeeze it with on the wrong side
  • 05:56: tails of the face everything is beautiful gently see the flour mud Well the resulting Rosettes
  • 06:36: you need to paint bags and not bracelets and brooches make a such a dog decorated if you have there are questions on that how to tighten the bezel with in turns links on together upstairs I hope you liked subscribe to my channel put like