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Closing of a row with a knitted cord  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends with you the planet knitting and I Olga Bogan and our regular viewers may remember that the last time we knitting thickened side edge and Today we take a look how to close a number of knitted cord This is a better way all combined with beaded edge in a concerted fashion It can be finished with a scarf jacket on the bottom and the edge
  • 00:30: side knitted cord can be issued neck bottom hose armhole vest and the like so I knitted item with the thicker side edge of the first loop remove and toss it on right needle 2 The following loop overturn We return to the left
  • 01:00: needle and knit front for the rear wall toss again loop on the left needle first loop knit the rear face wall and so repeat until the end series 2 loops overturn We return to the left
  • 01:31: needle and knit for the back wall again toss in the loop left needle and the first loop knit front the rear wall we come to the end
  • 02:56: a number the spokes we loop 2 is 4 hinges on the left spoke and two on the right spoke and we see that one pigtail loops located front and rear 2 also on the top
  • 03:29: end pigtail loops front pigtail loop back and remaining sts us must be connected in such a way that they retained its direction plaits remove the spokes thread They inserted into the cut needle and connect inserts a needle into the loop back loop
  • 04:03: forwards to bottom-up like this way then I pick up the loop one side edge old and inserts a needle into front loop backwards to and contract all these 4
  • 04:33: loop and we see that a loop retained its direction plaits for to secure the thread inserts a needle into and an edge loop We derive from the other side near with edge and so and fasten thread under
  • 05:15: catching broach front with edge loops and at the same time and hide all today
  • 05:51: stay with us subscribe to channel knitting planet on youtube goodbye