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  • 00:00: Hello everybody today we prepare candied pumpkin, we need pumpkin sweet varieties butternut or pineapple sugar from per 1 kg purified pumpkin 800 grams of sugar icing sugar cinnamon Powdered optional is an optional ingredient and one orange on kilogram pumpkin Only you out pumpkin preparing several steps Today our stage it clean pumpkin
  • 00:31: cut into its pieces Portion Control and fill with sugar cleaned pumpkin cut into slices with a side of approximately two by two centimeters strongly finely cut have uber because process cooking Socotra boiled once 2 100 W and even Now take 200 grams
  • 01:18: sugar pumpkin fall asleep and chopped leave it out in the cold 12 hours, I usually I do it in the evening in refrigerator and on night until morning took about 12 number you are on empty juice and the desired goal exhalation juice add remaining 600 grams
  • 01:57: sugar and put on the fire to completely dissolve sugar boil syrup talk if will clean orange Orange divided by itself
  • 02:27: remove slices bone zest orange cut into thin stripes when boiled syrup
  • 03:00: Let them to slices orange here and pumpkin we bring it all up boil and cook May 7 minutes is how well boil cook July 5 minutes and then remove the split and cover with a lid and subject to the full
  • 03:31: cooling to 10-12 I do so to the morning Bring to boil and to Stella evening evening Boil until the morning and cool morning again Boil and we need this procedure three fold pieces cooled boil 2 times we bring you up bitch Boiling 3 times and give it to cool completely When pumpkin freezes
  • 04:02: We shift it in slag on to a well remember that the success of the syrup syrup can be boiled close his bank use here this for cooking jelly compote you can cook it up honey state orange slices
  • 04:32: we no longer need but get out of here zest and reserve expose cloves pumpkin and let them stand up a few hours are to well I drifted all scenes 200 rubles When the syrup is good Put the drain our bitches swelling on if the lattice grate not possible directly on
  • 05:03: lay baking and left at room temperature a few days dry up peel can also be can not put or rather to put let it dry, she We then come in handy for decorating cakes and cakes and all I you can just bored if you only want
  • 05:37: You eat quickly you can dry them in oven at temperature of 70 degrees for four to five hours It took 4 days candied our almost ready they dried not stick circle and now we to mix
  • 06:07: icing sugar small cinnamon if you do not like cinnamon that cinnamon can not add remove candied Seri jokes fill them icing sugar ready candied
  • 06:38: stored in glass jar at room I hope the temperature you'll love this sweetness bye bye