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  • 00:00: I won here March 20 Air loop 1 2 3 4 5 1 bar, without sc the first row alternate column without sc Air 1 We passed through one knit between columns columns by 1 air loop petelechki one skips column Air in the second Sperling in the end of the series we have two
  • 00:41: that is something that the beginning second kind Now let's look I will not have such birds get here Now here they are tick it seemed to have good air the tabs will not be here administered once hook here it is the first tick here insert hook and provyazyvaem unfinished worth I need to bind 2 column with sc Now I take no sc 2
  • 01:11: provyazyvaya together combined total machine and we then we have two loops on hook together ie we finally column 2 is obtained sc without a common vertex airbag 1 We will hook over here the pin 1 of 2 columns pull one loop We find a second picking up a check 2 together so
  • 01:44: air input hook all even grab next loop 2 loops and 2 together loops together air air and at the end series here we It was a chain
  • 02:14: lift with a fresh column, without sc end of the series 1 2 2 series We wrap here men looked pretty interesting otherwise these bars will be up to it forming a pattern pattern from the front side where we
  • 02:44: We gained the first row i.e. pattern in the even ranks third row is the repetition of the first there we were binding bars without sc Division 1 air loop here are space available here and here we want to hook that is typed chain two air loop and immediately provyazyvayu 1 back sc without air column, without sc air is air column
  • 03:15: Air column all finished knitting 3 a number January 2 Now repeat 2 rows of knitting that is, I have no columns sc combined one common man once I drive hook stretch the first loop 2 and the following provyazyvaem together two receiving air
  • 03:46: all, even here in the leg the last leaving hook and the next with air live on their knit on freer pulling from