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Bootees spokes relief pattern

Bootees spokes relief pattern  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: greetings to all lovers of knitting this video I will tell how to tie spokes small children pinetochki like cut rounded toe both bind pattern vyvyazyvayut sole I knit sole needles 2 millimeters Yarn 50 200 grams outsole 10 meters centimeters at the beginning
  • 00:32: knitting need to dial Now knit 40 stitches 2 rows facial loops provyazyvaem an edge at the beginning of series and end of series the first loop bead at the beginning of remove a number of loop not provyazyvaya on all tabs and knit facial so provyazyvaem until the end
  • 01:03: a number of recent number of loops provyazyvaem front loop in the end of the row bead loop is knitted seamy loop unfold knitting and table provyazyvaem second a number of facial loops third row vyvyazyvayut
  • 01:33: series begins with one edge loop facial is knitted sc 17 facial loops sc 2 facial loop center sc 17 sc facial front bead an edge loop provyazyvaya not remove provyazyvaem front
  • 02:03: loop to do sc needle and vyvyazyvayut 17 loops 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 2 average nakida loops sc 17
  • 02:38: loops 14 15 16 17 nakida obverse loop bead loop
  • 03:09: 4 number the fourth row is knitted bead loop all number of loops provyazyvayutsya facial and end of the series is knitted, too bead loop Removable Front sc provyazyvaem front
  • 03:39: loop crisscrossing loop on as usually facial loop and adding all 2 in addition middle and end series also provyazyvaem crisscrossing loop is needed to make cloth it was tightly without gaps then knit all of Table rows with
  • 04:10: additions and without additions always alternate is knitted bead in the loop beginning of the series and at the end a number on the sides provyazyvayutsya 17 is the number of loops loops in all ranks with additions invariably added loops beginning of the series and at the end in the central part
  • 04:41: added 2 eyelets at the end of knitting soles after all cut out additions to the spokes 56 loops continue knitting top parts now need to to tie transition from sole to top part provyazat need 6 series front embroidery
  • 05:12: remove an edge first row provyazyvaem all loops facial the next row will be vyvyazyvayut purl loops and so you need to knit 6 series next row imposed purl loops all series of loops provyazyvaem Wrong 6 rows knit chain and dash
  • 05:46: you need to combine To obtain such a skirting around the soles spoke on need dial loops 1 cut series the web has a border where vyvyazyvayut sole and vyvyazyvayut on the rim recruit tabs from the first series we spoke
  • 06:17: Loop 1 series swoop loops and type on spokes so you need to collect all number of loops the loop recruited count the number of loops hinges on two spokes must be
  • 06:47: Now the same We combine loops and provyazyvaem 2 loops together the upper loop spoke with the bottom provyazyvaem front loop loops AIDS
  • 07:17: shooting and so on combining loops provyazyvaem facial loop cut remove from the eyelet needles so all provyazyvaem
  • 08:01: number of loops knit I unfold knitting next row vyvyazyvayut facial loops and remove an edge each loop provyazyvaem front loop row knit the next part vyvyazyvayut facial and purl row so you need to knit 5 series
  • 08:33: five rows written out Now the price of the night hand start vyvyazyvayut 3 rows facial loops 3 series provyazyvaem all eyelets facial and so still 2 series 3 rows facial loop knit
  • 09:04: now beginning is knitted on a juicy part of this we do markup select markers hinges on the left and right sides put off by fourteen loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 on the side portions 10 loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and the center hinge 8 1 2 3
  • 09:36: 4 5 6 7 8 now facial loops provyazyvaem 3 marker these loops and knit the usual way facial loops and then 3 marker
  • 10:07: knit loops to 3 marker is now turn around We believe loops the first loop provyazyvaya not remove thread transferring through the loop provyazyvaem facial loop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 turn around
  • 10:55: as we move loop provyazyvaem Loops 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 remove marker provyazyvaem ninth loop unfold
  • 11:27: knitting We believe loops times two three 4 5 6 7 8 9 provyazyvaem tenth loop
  • 11:57: I unfold knitting and now begin provyazyvat on juicy part vyvyazyvaya side loop I think the tabs again two three 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 loop from the front side and loop
  • 12:27: side of the provyazyvaem seamy loop unfold knitting the first loop provyazyvaya not remove We believe loop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 eyelet and loop with the side
  • 13:02: on the reverse side hand provyazyvaem 1 front loop unfold knitting and repeating action provyazyvaem eyelets until they are cut loop the side of all loops to marked marker the toe loop you knit visa
  • 13:32: all abbreviations Now the spokes left on fourteen loops on the sides and 10 loops in the central parts two or three times 5 April 10 provyazyvaem number to end vyvyazyvaya facial loop So facial
  • 14:18: loop until the end Knit up a number of end of the series takes place on wrong side and also facial eyelets provyazyvaem number Now knit rows you need to knit more four rows facial loops to cut rise ranks knit Now is knitted loops for lacing
  • 14:48: provyazyvaem loop we do sc vyvyazyvayut two loops together nakida 2 loops together so provyazyvaem until the end a number of knit series unfold
  • 15:19: knitting and provyazyvaem row vyvyazyvaya facial remove loops an edge face loop and sc provyazyvaetsya front loop, and so to the end of the series knit row vyvyazyvayut first row an edge pattern shoot first loop provyazyvaem facial
  • 15:49: a second loop provyazyvaem such way introducing needle between the loops stretch thread the following loop vyvyazyvayut front of front wall all facial loop in this pattern provyazyvaetsya the front wall spoke to introduce loop provyazyvaem Now loop provyazyvaem loop
  • 16:20: between the loops on the spokes of the remaining loop is knitted front loop front loop and pull loop provyazyvaem front face between the spokes loops front and so repeating steps vyvyazyvayut number
  • 16:51: knit row unfold knitting an edge loop not remove provyazyvaya next loop Wrong the loop provyazyvaem seamy loop loop through which provyazyvalas loop in previous row here it looks front loop provyazyvaem seamy loop
  • 17:21: to pull out loop and wrong loop provyazyvaem together one seamy loop vyvyazyvayut seamy loop and an elongated loop next st provyazyvaem together one wrong loop so repeating steps
  • 17:53: vyvyazyvayut number 3 front row pattern remove an edge loop is not provyazyvaya now We eyelet face if at first row pattern we first loop provyazyvaem the front loop now need to shift drawing the loop
  • 18:24: provyazyvaem introduce needle between the loops pull loop and the rear wall vyvyazyvayut front next loop Collar front provyazyvaem it front loop tying a loop between the loops and rear wall provyazyvaem front front loop the loop
  • 18:55: elongated loop front loop 1 elongated face Collar front a loop so provyazyvaem pattern to the end of the series knit number 4 backing a series of pattern a back row always provyazyvaetsya
  • 19:25: the same shooting an edge loop provyazyvaem loop that looks like facial purl Now loop and an elongated loop following the wrong loop provyazyvaem together one seamy loop 1 Wrong loop 2 loops together seamy Wrong loops 2
  • 19:56: together purl So repeating knitting series is knitted pattern the desired height pattern height of cut now need knit 6 rows facial loops each loop provyazyvaem front loop so vyvyazyvayut
  • 20:26: Knit 6 rows of 6 rows facial loops now it is necessary to close and Tilke a number of first loop not remove provyazyvaya the second vyvyazyvayut front loop through cut loop we move the loop and so until the end of series closing tabs provyazyvaem front
  • 20:57: we move the loop closed loops of a number of Now leave thread of genuine and sew neat removing pinetochki on the wrong side side of the
  • 21:28: and soles such pinetochki turned