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  • 00:00: Good day dear my audience and subscribers today We will prepare the machine in order universal recipe muffins always obtained in part
  • 00:31: ingredients include products that always in the refrigerator is accurately obtained from all machines and will or cupcakes name somehow so I'll start all to tell muffins need 150 grams flour 100 grams sugar 2 large eggs teaspoons baking powder vanilla sugar quarter teaspoon
  • 01:01: Salt is another important component 125 liquid milligrams that I take as a liquid you can take that have I For example here today some sour cream remained as teddy weighed 30 degrees I will give a little oil cream Now pat of butter butter is my already 68, and the rest have I have some milk TURNED that 125
  • 01:31: milliliters was all 125 milliliters here I'll get oil it is melted to sparse here Melt the butter here He added and stir it's all in what universally with this recipe's liquid ingredients can be take all that you have eat or yogurt or yogurt or kefir half of
  • 02:01: sour cream or sour cream and milk or current sour cream or just butter or can be yogurt to divorce orange juice or sour cream breed that all have always put succeed dry ingredients unchanged but it 125 milliliters any liquid remove your mix dry ingredients disintegrant April 1
  • 02:31: teaspoon salt add vanilla sugar or maybe because of heart today I have vanilla sugar I will say very little feelings of others bowl mix I add here that here
  • 03:04: yes he is here and butter melted sour cream milk bring to uniformity of all Stir we liquid ingredients pour all the dry quickly stir especially without achieving uniformity Now shuffled by about to fill you I have here the black I currants bustling
  • 03:34: He froze washed on a paper towel I stretched here flour a little something as filler take all that has raisins, dried apricots, any berries and fruits chocolate drops chocolate anything everything goes black and red We add our mix
  • 04:05: and is easy to mix that's the whole recipe is not knead go some get crushed spoon all strokes decompose the dough for formochkam come me metallically not prepared at bear silicone you new to me metal better silicone something in I'm not from undercooked
  • 04:35: not too undercooked and somehow very much baked through laid the dough incomplete mold on Poland, most of the half of the dough decomposed happened 13 of these molds their pre not greased vegetable oil margarine then to pull out their best it was easier I send in the oven 190 degrees 20-25 minutes but look at their each oven oven its surprises
  • 05:05: 15 minutes is not going to open the oven to Naples on cupcakes this can be look car our ready 25 minutes baked up I try them on toothpick is dry all normal cupcakes It took form here all rosy from the baked good as bottom and top myagenkie Beauty
  • 05:35: more sugar sprinkled on let Ralph pulls from beautiful clicking Our cupcakes are ready use my recipes on the go my channel and to subscribe we meet at my channel try Now muffin I am going to break Now broke and berries
  • 06:12: I have you, I black currant and red Sweety a cake It gives the following pleasant acidity very tasty I recommend girls