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  • 00:00: Good day dear my viewers subscribers today we will prepare fried pies cheese it is very easy recipe and the dough is very I easily made I show you thoroughly all because so and many ask yogurt, or can be a milk and that I'd better I am going to show everything tell recipe is very light you always
  • 00:30: We will proceed Now I tell you need to test Now I have the floor liter jar there were remnants yogurt add milk It can be so much here milk in the tank here much milk the rest of the water you can sour half half Water can 1 yogurt can be here a little milk,
  • 01:00: the remainder being water with this I always ryu it bother there with you and will be tasty half a meter 30 grams of yeast Pressed me if you I noticed always do I pressed on once tried on dry yeast I did not like such as dough blurred as well as I have any baking teeth and ate the I love all the same such yeast but it certainly
  • 01:30: we like I measured out to do this amount any liquid career 600 grams of flour as a go 2 eggs small or one large and Lego salt I take a little sugar during the show Shelves lot crows I poured into the cup mixer preheated I add milk 30 grams of yeast
  • 02:00: and I keep freezer that they do not spoiled if I use of 100 gram pachechku I often rest always freeze they do not spoil all time will be fresh add 2 eggs I add a teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons Sugar can be more
  • 02:32: once that sift I prepared all Of course you can knead hands before I did large wooden spoon all I mix all perfectly but stirred Now since I have technique then I
  • 03:03: I use technology Now the same test Gustav Thing I flour all strewn Now I will add vegetable oil two tablespoons I tell you that's a purely more watery patty does not stick together and I add another 100 grams meal all turns
  • 03:34: 700 grams of flour did not highly dense frequent pie BLIND strongly thick do not make answer the dough is ready floured I cover Polotenchik and warm place for an hour where we forget about it doing his chores dough fits in an hour like this dough Paul came up and little while I
  • 04:05: Make the filling one again approach dough again covered with dough and in a warm place I'll make the stuffing That alignment you see this plump cheese many even ask me and contact one girl Svetlana asks do de cheesecakes and that it is not get some cheese and believes like this in packages or I weighed out here such buy a home
  • 04:35: the wind beats days are such a tight thing so as not to wet was cottage cheese and even wet dumplings cheese tone raspolzetsya on there is nothing in the dumpling will remain of this from this broth to this is not a cottage I'll cook do sweet stuffing I I love sweet fillings you do not sweet cheese making admissible salts and and a little dill or do part
  • 05:05: cheese potatoes puree salt and dill and a little yard can be done sweet piece by piece such savory is already on your taste is not Dogma can be changed any direction at all Now we will do add egg stuffing salt here it is good 1 spoon still
  • 05:38: yards will knead masher I also want to add lemon peel it delicious want to I face in this fight like zest with lemon Get as many zest for half tablespoon slightly more now just stir with a spoon dough and a second time
  • 06:09: come in a matter of minutes until the case stuffing mat on those but their I have silicone on the dough vegetable oil Matera and vegetable hand oil grease 2 rubles per hour dough divided into pieces Fifty grams of five of these pieces I am doing less
  • 06:45: dough balls myagenko forming cakes anyone but effortlessly dough and toppings take not sparing and all and how vareniki glue aside I soon
  • 07:16: dash is right how many to 5 fit is not melted I will drink 5 I stack cakes dough grows on front scroll right on the small
  • 07:46: fire fry pies in Belarus pan with stick coating is not very comfortably promo code, and links to discount dishes will be bio in the description below the video other ready-made cakes will spread on plate sheltered
  • 08:16: paper towel try a pie at village of lemon peel stuffing gives you taste very good the smell of delicious places pies like pyshechki You will do for my recipe pies It will be on the five-plus I guarantee here packed patties More little clue
  • 08:47: pies all turned 25 pieces rosy mouth-watering Now a lush Sting more here more art and horror I am going to break stuffing around all magnificently well myagenko a good cook with I use my recipes these pies Treat themselves and their families children but wow everyone will pleased
  • 09:19: subscribe to my visit my channel channel will wait seeing you all you good