Exercise from all diseases – only 10 minutes a day and in life balance.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello friends anticipation of all disease called gold management rooster stands on one leg just enough 10 minutes a day balancing body health and emotions life in general when disease develops specialists traditional Chinese medicine They believe that violated balance between the elements and I that is, disintegrated
  • 00:30: or unbalanced and communication within the body and our how the world is governed known and harmony balance than not Balance is certainly will be destroyed and our body to Unfortunately it is also As for management Golden rooster stands on one leg simple and effective way to recover balance of domestic bodies is a simple an exercise
  • 01:01: performed barefoot or fine us to hands free lower along the body just one leg tear off the floor close your eyes and so wait A couple of minutes precondition closed eyes because of supplies brain signals recovery and the need to balance to the brain itself I cope with this task standing on one leg has
  • 01:31: positive effect hypertension diabetes osteochondrosis radiculitis it effective in dizziness hearing loss and gout at the exercise his regular execution exclusively even effective for those who have suffered stroke, and it is not full list it treats the root disease and beautifully It strengthens the immune system so do his
  • 02:02: It recommended for all regardless age on the soles our feet are important energy the body channels therefore can There were pains in problematic organs it is normal reaction massage active points be enough to each foot five minutes a day if you can not Start with 30 seconds and add on gradually bringing to
  • 02:32: five minutes if You may want to lead time listen to any music what you like when you will be able to for 5 minutes hold the balance you can complicate exercise such So or so and may be able to it so You can while
  • 03:08: doing this exercise fold fingers mudra appropriate your needs You get double favor of It will be in the body balance balance will be character after a long time it is known that disease reflects on the nature of any hand and vice versa if a man it is less balanced ill not for nothing They say all diseases from nerves
  • 03:38: the balance in the nature and the body in my life movie you had useful please let me know click finger up share your opinion in comments and subscribe to Update bye bye