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  • 00:00: this is what I am talking about there are fads like cronuts and then there is the French pastry queen a man it's a classic bottom of specialty a tradition of north western France where
  • 00:31: it originated around 1860 the name derives from the point any words for cake Queen not Queen and butter a man it's a perfect clear pastry no kidding the texture is delightfully crispy buttery and it melts on your tongue well we are going to start making our asado combine water some sugar and the yeast
  • 01:01: then wait five minutes and add the flour remaining sugar salt and butter mix using your fingertips until it comes together and transfer your dough onto your countertop now the fun gather the dough from all sides pressing with the palm of your hand the dough should be firm but it will relax soon as the gluten will develop continue to stretch
  • 01:32: the dough out after three or four minutes kneading it will get smoother and smoother then form a ball tapping up against the countertop until it gets very smooth and supple it should take about ten minutes shape into a tight ball and let it rise for about and now next photo to Hajj it refers to the process of folding butter into dough you
  • 02:04: will need a perfectly even slab of butter using a freezer bag or between two parchment papers then chill look the dough has tripled in size beautiful transfer onto your countertop and deflate the dough completely fold over all sides flip and form a tight rectangle wrap up and freeze 30 minutes then unwrap flip the dough wrap up and
  • 02:36: freeze for another 30 minutes now the dough has the perfect consistency firm but still workable flour the countertop and the dough and roll out dough twice the size of the butter slab then place border to cover half of the dough fold over the other half seal both sides and gently tap and roll out into a large
  • 03:06: rectangle and fold in for giving a double turn to do blur wrap up and refrigerate overnight or an hour before giving the next and the last turn here is our KwaZulu which was left to rest overnight in the refrigerator it already smells amazing due to the overnight fermentation you want to flour both sides of the dough
  • 03:38: and roll it out into a large rectangle and now sprinkle some sugar on both sides and fold into thirds giving a single turn to Sam now refrigerate for 30 minutes to rest adding sugar to the last turn is quite similar to the palmier or elephant ear recipe using puff pastry though here is the secret by the way to making your
  • 04:09: queen a man super crispy butter Shin hos Lee your silicon mat or parchment paper and top with sugar this will create a film that will caramelize the bottom of your pastry then grease your pastry ring sinuously with the same softened butter and coat with sugar then divide dough into 3 inch squares depending on the size of the rings though then fold up
  • 04:40: the four corners of a square that's the traditional way of doing Quinnie man but you can also shape the pastry into a log each portion should weigh 2 answers 60 grams this recipe makes 20 Quinnie man let them proof and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit 180 Celsius for 35 minutes let cool to room temperature and Bon
  • 05:11: Appetit to get the full recipe go to Bruno's
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