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VERY Useful vitamin crude pumpkin salad!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you Elena kind of prescription and Today we prepare here such vitamins and winter salad of raw pumpkin very useful and delicious ingredients will need for an apple salad White cabbage lemon from it You will need to squeeze carrot juice pumpkin salad dressing also need
  • 00:30: olive oil in me in this case iberica extra virgin of butter very tasty and well Besides useful also need hot red spice pepper coriander ground and coriander I whole beans use exactly two type coriander and a ground because so tastier and of course need for salt taste carrot rub on grated at me here such grater for Korean carrots I like it I enjoy me it is convenient
  • 01:00: to use you you can use ordinary grater or simply cut carrot strips of I took the pumpkin seeds now we need to clean up and apartments just cut and and trying to cut the as thin as possible not to cut Pumpkin pulp rub grated as well as carrot Now finely shinkuem
  • 01:36: cabbage from apple cored and cut into an apple I do not clean the apple from peel if desired you You can do it Now we are squeezing out
  • 02:09: lemon juice I use quite a lot of lemon juice because I like sour my husband, too, but that's I sometimes write in salad recipe that juice too much It turned sour at for my taste it normally so keep in mind that juice should be taken only to you was sour Now I'm taking on large bowl Sovata Now a half large lemon general guided
  • 02:40: to your liking how much lemon juice, you will be enough sour and at the same time tasty pour salad lemon juice on top me they should be apples well watered so they do not darken lemon juice is antioxidant add some salt salad We are afraid of salt apple's scary in it is not adding ground coriander add sharp Red pepper now we need a little bit crushed coriander
  • 03:10: whole grains, I it use quite a lot of mortar and Brush should not be to him Vat knew exactly just a little to grind grain feeding and collapsed on a few pieces what flavor of Karen here
  • 03:44: add the coriander in Now salad mix salad good to all mixed with spices vegetables Well out of the apple salad It remained almost ready fill it olive oil mix salad and then I he likes to currently at I look 2 all products let the juice so they soaked
  • 04:14: become much delicious so I am now Toss the salad bowl close plates at the top and I leave a little brew again By the way if you too acid after infusion of lemon Juice is not so strongly felt Well salad ready Now it can be more sprinkle with herbs dill to heighten taste well and Beauty Of course, I wish you Bon Appetit
  • 04:45: be healthy bye Bye