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  • 00:00: all welcome Today I have for you another beautiful such a pattern Persian pattern the front side of it It looks like and the wrong side of it It looks like this to bind him you need to dial the number of loops a multiple of 2 I have scored 14 loops and proceed to knitting the first row
  • 00:30: provyazyvaem facial loops an edge remove and knit all a number of facial loops provyazyvaem until the end a series of facial loops following the second row
  • 01:03: knit thus rented an edge further provyazyvaem one face and in the following loop do here this bumps shishechka we will go on drawing Now over here facial Here such here rows from the previous row here it is, we will
  • 01:35: and that alternate like that went on diagonal so you do not confused here it is necessary kimi wa thread'ami it we will go shishechka and since It fits the knobs provyazyvaem seamy loop is not removing the pull thread doing sc then another 1 seamy again sc and 1
  • 02:07: Wrong we 5 should be formed loop and shoot 1 alternate front and knobble ie provyazyvaem wrong doing sc and 1 3 loops still wrong sc 4 times and once again purl 5 and taking off
  • 02:37: and a front and back one bumps same is 2 sc and again the front and one knobble face so
  • 03:13: provyazyvaem seamy next sc We adhere to this loop provyazyvaem more 1 Wrong again sc and 1 Wrong face and also provyazyvaem 5
  • 03:48: forming loops 5 loops of 1 and last bead so we have the following series provyazyvaem all loops all made sc purl loops ie completely the entire series provyazyvaem seamy
  • 04:18: all previous sc provyazyvaem purl loops knit to end of row
  • 04:51: so we provyazyvaem
  • 05:40: Wrong number loops the next row we is an edge shoot as and the front and more here Now these five loops
  • 06:12: loops as follows way provyazyvaem two first peak provyazyvaya not remove before working thread How to Recognize and chno knowledge of the following 3 loop provyazyvaem together wrong and this loop knit We stretch through these two-shot loop here thereby again 1 the first face 2 loops do not shoot
  • 06:46: provyazyvaya not before the work of the next three provyazyvaem purl three together and knit together loop stretch two shot through and knit to end of row 2 front hinge remove 3 provyazyvaem together wrong and We stretch through these two shot and knit up
  • 07:18: end of the series 2 shooting before working thread three together seamy loop and stretches across two removed, and so on knit to the end of a number 3 together and stretch through and shot again front 2 rented
  • 07:48: following three provyazyvaem together wrong and We pulled through shot two shot and that's how we We received a number here these knobs then knit repeat with the 1 series is the next number again provyazyvaem facial, etc. in general, the pattern
  • 08:19: I think that a simple you can do it and you Now get this beautiful Persian pattern if you like pattern place fingers up and write comments if It is not clear and subscribe to my channel until all See you in the new video