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  • 00:00: good afternoon in touch with you again today I We'll be with you correctly expect quantity necessary for tissue sewing curtains and curtain tapes how much we It needs a cloth and to sew curtains on Curtain tape is today we are with you will learn calculate and expect first we will need to take a tape measure namely roulette they
  • 00:30: tape measures and why because tape measure limited only one and a half meters but as a rule our especially openings Length of our openings It varies from two to three meters so tape measures we do not have enough and well and secondly I do not really because it is very flexible mobile and not very convenient make measurements therefore, in order to measure opening for metering
  • 01:00: and various widths better to use roulette roulette It is desirable to It was up to three meters long and even more as I have a 3 meter roulette So take or acquire roulette take a piece of paper and pen or pencil come to our karnizm and do measured from the lower edge
  • 01:34: So you see where the hook start our arrow Floor we measure it ie the distance from the hook to floor level record our leaf and for greater reliability I I advise you to do measurements of three different places our eaves is on the edges and in the middle
  • 02:05: because you You know our rafters the level of our floor is not always perfect and therefore against the ceiling cornice can say also be attached not quite exactly so I advise you to make three isomers on the edges of our cornices and in the middle and choose the the smallest measurement
  • 02:35: there say if you made peace with one from Metering You went to school to 52 stopping you turned 251 and the third measurement you turned 250 half when we choose the best the smallest is 250 cm length measurements made then take our Curtain tape which
  • 03:06: we sew to our tissues and We measure the distance from pocket to the upper edge of the curtains but in my case it distance from the two half centimeter Depending on what is your curtain tape such as would distance you it will be possible will be equal to my distance may
  • 03:36: it will be less Now we are now We can calculate the length the finished length of our curtains excluding allowances for the hem and the processing means and so calculate the length curtains ready-made we do next We take our calculation the distance from the hook yes Cola smallest
  • 04:06: draw your attention minus 2 centimeters is distance from the level of floor two centimeter taken for what that your blind is not hung across the floor that it was over floor level above somewhere around two centimeters not do more I advise because would have looked
  • 04:36: not a pretty one He loves to curtains It was exactly in half then it's the subtraction 2 centimeters, we just do not make anyone loves contrary to start on to floor curtains were On the floor sometimes some curtains models require and that such sleeve bishop then you are not the other way around you read and
  • 05:08: add on Oct. 15 centimeters additionally So I hope here clear and more we add 2 half centimeter it just the distance we she noticed our Curtain tape from pockets to the edges This will be the length of our ready made curtains I repeat without taking into account allowances for under the bends
  • 05:39: our curtains a So that's about which two I spoke centimeters You can see here they are above floor level let's say a curtains tailoring option ie you can see the curtains above floor level about somewhere 2 centimeter and it is curtains with an overlap that is, here such here modelka she wherein an overlap on Let somewhere around 30 centimeters is we
  • 06:10: Bishop also sleeve requires lapping attacked Well, that's such a model curtains, too, as if someone may love to lay the curtain on floor then add the growth can be 15 to 30 should be 40 we centimeters in length It is now understood width means for To calculate right width we need to our curtains we
  • 06:41: measure working width of our cornice is Working ie carcasses and Well that Dad which drive our rings here so I slightly wrong I outlined last arrows, he should be here It is my fault I apologize that we have we measure working if the width of the body here it is we working width to if you would like to
  • 07:11: the upper partner here it is working width We measured our working width, and for the calculation of our fabric us to remember two simple rules tulle to learn minimum width our need tulle the width of the cornice multiplied by 2 is the coefficient minimum width
  • 07:41: who likes like More and folds More assembly and splendor, you can press by a factor of 2 half and 3 but three and a half night permissible 4 I think it is there is too much with a maximum of two half three minimum width are two for vyschityvaniya siren portiere cloth
  • 08:11: we need width our eaves multiplied by half rate usually so if the cornice up to 2 meters wide with 2 I take half the width portiere cloth six and a half meters that is, one and a half meters on each side if This model curtains It consists of two Parker
  • 08:41: if the width of the cornice more than two meters and then you too dependent on model curtains somewhere It is the width of each curtains drainage two and a half meters Now well, you need to just fill in here this is not an elaborate shape, and then you will be simpler understand what necessary width use
  • 09:12: for curtains is all in Basically what I have wanted to say There is nothing complicated as you can see it all easy to remember and easily calculated I want to remind you that's what we thought length and width without on account of increases joints treatment any gain should be on side processing lower external seams
  • 09:43: you can see on my blog where all the details painted thanks for attention goodbye watch and subscribe to my channel