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The pattern of a collar Is resistant passing into a collar the apache with the hands  See details »

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  • 00:00: Now we are finally at home and our favorite worthy Front desk turning the collar apache Our today's topic because we are passed collar who cut integrated collar I stand postponed any form I will given today show you left your collar you You will build for the system that we We went there today's topic apache rolling rack or as page as the rolling I always take my
  • 00:31: a pattern on the base system ten yardsticks nothing should not think Now do not get So I will I prepared just before waist because we We will only work collared here hip, we are no longer needed look here here cut through our a piece of paper from the right in anywhere to the center Breast stand here ie translate dart in armhole you too can it do now show what to
  • 01:01: focus look when the translation tuck in the side or ie armhole lift here this but a little part It requires little correction here Here the slope of the shoulder that we did not I spoiled always look like this eyed look at I love this place is quiet remove from the point of base of the neck remove half Well centimeters to Our collar like this Now we have a completely not glared
  • 01:31: I love a half or two centimeters but you then on will experience can be seen someone more Hawker will open the cervix more here licking then it will be neck more openly, as if learn to have this the main point I Now to show you principle as done we put our darts look at them I wear tuck here painted shoulder and tuck
  • 02:01: Now the most important thing We proceed in construction of the collar always apply front of the center line ie the center line forehand you already have learn you You have to know where it is there is also the width of gu We have two skid with half the floor of the son We have to proceed building construction all remember at right angle to shoulder this one 90 degrees Take always here
  • 02:31: Here I take a little more October 11 centimeters why because when you're in it honey it in the neck over here you can always cut off and when you do not 05 it will be enough big problem 4 centimeter width rack until all I clearly see you showed small stands at 90 degrees to the shoulder and the floor skid when we
  • 03:02: edge collar apache here is taken normal and the width the future, I'll show you but like me more like small stands rolling page it More well, as would be more stylish looks all the same now and the autumn I want a little covered neck collar apache it's just you so it will be a lie small stands will be but here all close and move collar it is a little bit different It will film the clock Mannequin is you should see precisely to build rack just cope with
  • 03:32: skid floor and already a collar you will draw this is what allow your Fantasia will be for very base of the neck gradually be bypassed affects marshes it smoothly and Now we add here as if on a page, our well may we We do so here little higher but most importantly that at this location is not there were many here take our and here at We have here a will collar here about 1
  • 04:02: Buttons like this good now but it all cut out again see the center prior to the width of the floor skid line as it were, We have already shown Our collar here the form how to build a rack you see here four centimeters is 90 degrees you then it will all see Look now! we are cut with dead on dress
  • 04:32: dummy's male model and proceed to our carving shelves to reveal a lot of you and I we will deal with collars now! denote center forehand completely
  • 05:03: any form of greater collar less collar wider you have it It can be absolutely very rolling Apache's smallest it is you will be on sample once shall be made decide what you it would be desirable and will do absolutely Anyone remember here stumbles yes here see the front of the center
  • 05:42: shoulder seam Our small stands here see how it lies our beautiful small stands because right angle here our shoulder seam here Our small stands and this is our collar small stands rolling on Shig here a little over chaff will be even Well, that's better some showed you rolling stand page now we have it all sweep away clothe patterns never
  • 06:13: I keep these here always I throw at almost always one and the but there is also neck there is a large open there is less Tuck transferred there tank not tolerated here is that all right absolutely identical was equally so always throw on a new All night we are now sweep away all this shelf back clothe on a mannequin may be even the one I look like lies our collar I do not even want you
  • 06:57: show how translate with darts one hand on the other because one hundred time has already shown you already know that you it is not necessary now we need to learn collars and do because in the autumn street and go naked neck somehow we are already reluctance I really want you learned to do the collar of my plans includes as much as possible collars give you Soon we get to jacket to business suits collar and yet give you are just
  • 07:27: a wee bit thoughtless collars Now your appears question I would like to discover interesting to be you that you answer to this question It will be interesting you if we prepare disk paid courses but with the turn signals detailed explanation there collars there until you're 10 We can give different on stands Shirt turn-down stretch jacket primary vrednikov course
  • 07:57: there is a huge weight but if you are at 2 to collar jacket GOVERNMENTAL learn to do correctly but good not like these ordinary as a cheap jacket highways so that from internal counter such good collars if I did, I showed you I think that it would be very interesting I ask why because so Your opinion is important to this account is not hunting do let the work if people do we wonder We can do as long as Our plans now! do 2 suture sleeve because it's time to fall
  • 08:27: have to do it while I it is also due to travel postponed yet made sewing trousers sewing trousers shall we cook with a very good tailoring with moist heat treatment with braces with utjazhki in sewing is not the main whatever it is with scribbling on the side with a side seam and the most thing to do proper wet heat treatment to trousers purchased right this cultural form collar, you can use
  • 08:57: autumn dress even This is not enough very warm dress or warmer in the lungs jackets if you will it use coat please all there Little a little more I have a neck opening a little bit so he but freer was possible its increase make it big Now you can do these that they were right to shoulder but you do such a collar you will enjoy here this little corner, you can rounded also very beautiful
  • 09:27: get a very many people like round shape Look, I folded shoulder seam remember when we built stand here We have done here notch notch here It should not get short, you see that with us, and here there Now deploy neck here and so yes see today sew one way shoulder seam
  • 09:57: Now we sew 2 shoulder seam and then will linger neck stand here is our shoulder seam
  • 10:32: here is our shoulder seam ours. this is the end notch should not reach neck and to shoulder seam centimeter all this is not
  • 11:08: it is important what is important is that this I gave you collar which It includes any cut shaped stand collar cover his wife there I will told that I you showed one injury just nothing rounded and you have can do with corners Yes nous on a ball by then under it and I thought that you enough of material on you turn their imagination will but if you do I wonder, too, show more in this Related
  • 11:38: some likely that will likewise construction, see here is our nation Chichko which ended It began standing shoulder a year now we have it deploy them dead knock about seam course 07 here only a centimeter longer and do not go to the head the second side of the yoke it it stand
  • 12:08: neck course 4 cm it may slightly widish but you then there is 07 the seam on this side 1 March 2 will do already done quietly all understand that it do naughty fabric points such here center back connection baste small stands all dress in our
  • 12:45: male model Now I see exactly boom drew yes and wants nothing if you do not want It seems that this is location laid out here Now here you can little pruning here here here since Just one way
  • 13:20: pruning and would also be the will wear here seem not here is laid out well, make little pause for some reason We need much It is preparing to give business suits you runner and because I neither I know in I went centimeters to cut the eye finger Show all all cut well but I can not so you and so as to give you Thread Well it must be all bring to life and then give here look
  • 13:51: Our small stands that goes to Eton Collar is our forehand center center before converges here here and here went our small stands rolling Collar see here here a little bit too much but this side where we pruned yet It is better I think that the not I will wear, and so all it is clear now see here so we
  • 14:21: it drew in the this way you have it You can draw more wider or is this part of the exactly such as this Here you rounded can it here and so to round here and so take and show you how It can be done now no steamed with collars all all all comfortable made without collars but we you will walk with collars is my educational fabric
  • 14:54: Prototyping is no will not wear you just did for here is a sample collar small stands transitory collar collar absolutely any shape is very comfortable in this collars autumn he's from the neck of the wind you will hide you You will walk rejoice see if you have it You do not dress like independent thing and let you bottom will be topic or a little blouse you may first button below to do it will also be too very well lie Now see if you it independent thing you are more up close
  • 15:25: spirit center center before connect and here You see that all perfect is good very glad that we own system ten yardsticks we have reveal problems also have additional here these all knowledge in all ethnic and sleeves that we'll be giving very nice read your reviews thank you very much that You're sharing with so that you I turned right I am glad for every thing for each photo very
  • 15:55: nice to this video It is a bonus system ten yardsticks but please someone use other base systems The base may also use these knowledge to learn to do like collar I was glad that I can you share their knowledge all the best to you I was Paukštė Irina M.