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Fertilizers for fall - YouTube

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  • 00:00: Fall is an important time to for fertilizing at this time gardeners make fertilizer for already digging the empty beds also at this time feed up plant thereby accelerating aging shoots and ripening improving training Stretch for winter only here for autumn making not fit all let's fertilizer Today let's talk about fertilizers that to stock it for the autumn fertilizing
  • 00:30: We start with a horse manure is a very valuable fertilizer especially for greenhouses but also for the garden full replacement it is not making it under winter since rested he will reveal all its nutritional properties and the application rate only a small three kilograms one square meter making it beneath all fruit plants the garden and the garden but to use him you need to empty the soil otherwise it
  • 01:01: just devour all plants further very nutritious and affordable for gardeners is as a fertilizer mullein it is usually the norm Flow 5-6 kilograms per meter square But in the fall introduction for mullein is not the best approach since the winter erode percent 20-30 nutritious matter best mullein use for cooking then compost it you can even make following spring
  • 01:31: most concentrated organic fertilizer is a bird litter it is perfect suitable for feeding strawberries only him accounts tinker fermented and diluting diluted solution of 1 to 15 water the plants and under the other Culture bird droppings It makes digging dry and makes it once a three or four years but compost actively distributes area in autumn
  • 02:01: submit it before soil when reforging this sploshnyakom covering the earth compost not only It gives plant nutrients but also accelerates getting to the crop Example plot potato powder and compost will allow harvest into two weeks earlier that same say about the ashes autumn it used it heavy clay soils on the other soils in the autumn it is not used as the potassium is washed out
  • 02:31: melt water yet best fertilizer for autumn is superphosphate it has several species it is a simple superphosphate ie phosphate such mana substance sufficient 40 50 grams per square meter triple superphosphate it should be 20 30 grams per meter square and 35 to 40 grams granulated superphosphate on the same The following area fertilizer
  • 03:02: making this autumn phosphate rock Only it is not all cultures suitable as the It contains many calcium but it is a natural clean fertilizer By the way even though that nitrogen fertilizer in autumn you can not make urea is one of them It is an exception The fact that the amide bound form soil and remains in preservation until spring but it turns out Only heavy soils
  • 03:32: in the light better and you on making to abstain together with nitrogen or phosphorus fertilizers often all subject potassium sulfate Now you can apply for feeding and currants raspberry, gooseberry bush he or strawberries increases the percentage of overwintered bushes twice even in the coldest winter application rate wherein the amounts in an average of 30 grams per square meter Thank you for watching
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