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Stricken. Ungewöhnliche Gummi mit ausladenden Schleifen.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone we propose to create this so beautiful unusual rubber band with elongated loops the pattern is very it's easy so it looks on the front and here on the purl Well , let's knitting pattern for need to dial
  • 00:31: any odd number of loops first row first we do not remove knitting we will continue to knit an elastic band 11 that is 1 front 1 purl Facial purl Facial purl so repeat to end of the facial line purl face
  • 01:03: purl end of row facial and last Edge Edge 2 years first edge we remove without tying and for sure we even knit drawing elastic band 1 1 purl face purl face so we knit on the picture so we
  • 01:33: two rows are obtained elastic end of the series and the last edge also purl third row first we remove without tying next look first our front is not we touch the needle under the second loop under purl like this and
  • 02:03: we extend the working a thread further we make a crochet and we sew two loops together for the back stenochku like this rapport of the pattern repeat again we introduce a spoke under back loop skipping 1 to we extend the working thread crochet and 2 loops together again under backplate 2
  • 02:36: together that's purl накид 2 together repeat to the end row end series facial and last
  • 03:09: purl fourth row first we remove without tying further we knit two loops together purest and facial is rapport pattern repeat 2 together purl facial 2 together seamy face together
  • 03:44: facial 2 together purl facial in end of our series purl and the last edge too purl ourselves tied up 4 rows then repeat the pattern Is it the last two with 3 4 we alternate so we
  • 04:15: turns out the series here such a wonderful rubber bands leave your comments subscribe to channel to all bye