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  • 00:00: knitting pattern of colorful pico provyazyvaem chain of air loops and Air knit 3 loop for lifting then do sc We miss three loops and in the fourth provyazyvaem post with then one sc knit again next loop bar one sc provyazyvaem
  • 00:31: 11 stitches and why vdevaem hook for 2 half-loop at the base of the air chains and provyazyvaem together
  • 01:01: three loops further knit 3 with a single column sc 1 and 2 and then 3 and after that knitting, we will repeated again provyazyvaem 11 stitches and then provyazyvaem
  • 01:33: the same peak as we We have knitted Here's what this number of such fringe then turn over and the next job series will knit columns, without sc the same thread provyazyvaem first air loop and then knit three columns without nakida 1 2 3 Review they peak at the front
  • 02:11: side and continue knit columns knit on again three times two column three or more repeat as I He has already shown so will look Knit row and Now overturn work and will knit thread of a different color further repeats
  • 02:41: first knitting and the second series, I will show again provyazyvaem 3 air hinges thread the same color then knit 2 column one sc 11 stitches peak
  • 03:22: and further knit 3 column one The following sc one loop bar in each loop and then again provyazyvaem peak of 11 air loops so is somewhat knit rows here such as fringe and then
  • 03:52: take extreme loop peak and We pulled through she The following peak and so on until the end of the series now need to fix the extreme loops is done in the following way provyazyvaem air loop and then
  • 04:22: knit 2 column without sc dress hook inside peak and then provyazyvaem another column, without sc in it will have secured further repeat 2 columns without nakida why header within peak and knit next column, without sc
  • 04:52: across Here's a peak at me I get a sample and more different colors will be theme used force he looks at today I say goodbye If you have been useful share this lesson joy with friends put the huskies subscriptions because ahead will be a lot of class material