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Knitting by a hook - Urok250 Square motive of Crochet granny square  See details »

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  • 00:00: Today we will learn to publish such an interesting game We begin to sob edition sliding Beijing and no mistake 4 air Beijing
  • 00:33: 2 which are not 4 We do cape on the hook and King Sadoyan column one nokia moving pixels within I've already moved air Petlin make checks and
  • 01:04: King Sugar column Sabina whom but this MA newspaper share air Pikalevo column 1 nokia g within MA Further air Petlin and a column one Canadians but such sliding
  • 01:36: and homes air loop, and but for now column one nokia but ended up moving Pikin and even bacteria air Petlin column site nominations Well that is moving Petlin further Antonova
  • 02:07: Air loop or 115 it nokia last March 13 air Petlin article thrown back Our sliding Petlyury We proceed to the publication never the same color connect
  • 02:40: The first and last of the first St. Petersburg a number using join Nikita with the penny string players in rural areas Nellie Kim 3 air pitere Makes 2 nokia g shouted nk we put on the hook between the posts the first row here as I show and when I was threading his
  • 03:10: Centre our era here's how Adriatico seizes on the other hand, Nikita correspondent drags its and for rejecting I capes We continue to do a penalty on the hook Vadim Panin
  • 03:41: in the corners of the squares under parking of air pitere Kravchuk and the knife column of hundreds of missiles however further air loop a column with one of these houses, too, shoulders corr and proceed to the clearance angle square meter 1 April 3 Air Petlin Further we do
  • 04:13: nokia on the hook and at the same point check Zagorulko column one package then I'm one air song from the new column Sabina whom at the same point Hi and do Dabbagh rocket on the hook or nominated chants as I have
  • 04:45: showed years between the posts all nb one operator captures the thread and soft two nokia rim continue to do the rocket on the hook and I'm living area Lodrö since he is showing ward Devine hook under some of the eastern
  • 05:15: Petteri I also column is akin to Kiev thinking air Petljura again column becoming negative featherbeds air pitere in the corner of the square in Cannes nokia and again a lot about them nokia website the same point of the air remake
  • 05:46: and another column on the people of Kiev the same point here we Later it turned out and then we continue the publication transmitter accurately same I have yet to end Safonov this package and this second act on it before the end of days then boots where slogans between the posts have first and second Ex previous period
  • 06:18: grab another leak Seyed Ali and extending its Peter I all further period the air Petlin We do in Cyprus on the hook it for him column between the previous version I lived column of hundreds of nokia then we do 2 in Cyprus on the hook
  • 06:49: introduce him the rear side between the posts st the previous version omit it from below at the park luxury 5 l grab no speech and correspondent smuggles such here and on real column capes tournament negative for nokia market knab chants and oblige Area
  • 07:22: squares one column demolish homes and then we make out the frightened square and even filed an air coup one column connect eats Nabokov our squares the referendum 3 when oblige air Petlin If the column layout with one corner
  • 07:52: square and further Winning air rush yahoo column of sleep for those who can get the code now proceed to registration of the following parties square Makes 2 signs as a hook introduce kryachok between column Cabinet
  • 08:23: previous order everyone wants to buy a raised clarity Street descend down gifts from Oriental 7 and captures but the bird dragged to drink beer Elias nokia column tournament prize Next, we will do a package on the hook enter the chants between the posts
  • 08:54: the previous version Grab one thread name radiation port column of the site in New Mexico and once again exactly the same column there is nothing between the following so many Connecticut considered and so on and do 2 but China is on the hook again We proceed to registration the next corner We will chant with podnesut between
  • 09:24: columns previous embodiment is omitted chants down grips km loop and the beach bar I have such domains further cues to make the hook make out Area operator as I have so far is pleasant column of death to her home
  • 09:54: Air Petljura another chair Beckman secondary such air flu column of nokia home who dictates School and the thought st air rush tree and another column layout
  • 10:25: the same point and now we badly executed fully one side of the square farther Ryazan continues similar I do not know is not 3 finished cigarettes and now the group will join The first and last loop ue a different color So I tied a united Europe
  • 10:55: business and then I'm on the air 3 and Peter them this standard on the hook and do it in each song the base of a column hundreds mokiki when we start and try gazebo
  • 11:25: our dolls street corner and still takes care of the last two tables Makes 2 Macheda on the hook Vadim Kulichenko column between the world Confession opinion polls were descend our bell beech squares No grab points I live and columns of Macedonia further we do spend on the hook
  • 11:55: Krichev gift of summing which are located in the corner of the square Italians house bar hundreds nokia Crimea I further do they and one air loop same way column with one to find a team and can squares imposing 3 air Petlin then we will support column but find data
  • 12:27: same point one air loop and again column layout of the site at the heart of our square in Cannes Further do 2 fry like a hook introduce shouting spain plant between two columns the previous version lowering it down grab
  • 12:59: on the sidelines of the stove tass epic project I shelter column put nokia fireplace Further and we continue to pass the bollards with one boy in each base loop and so we can until we we come
  • 13:29: to the next area So I gave up the next corner is not eaten for not doing repeated 2 We distribute the key will be his between the last two columns the previous version fall down pleasant institutes recalls kicks further business and the layout of the hook and help make out the square
  • 14:01: why a column similar to the layout air Petlyury he also 1 here and the way it is King moving air Petlin while the prices for such topics to the same point and I think the air loop
  • 14:35: another column based on the same point Devine food hook between the first and second of the next column following the direction of Canada Ottawa its beginning bar is difficult to find a house in this way knitting
  • 15:05: and repeat until there will not be finished so I finished knitting the case and every day it seems to me just as I have already shown I wrote RIAC blue and you know that the square can be any number signed here is a large square, many lost it is not very nice looks as if
  • 15:35: I'll start with Putin I'm here for, and the magazine writes stalls rates subscribe to the sea channel and services or considerable actually explain bloom among they point yes new