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innovative Massage-und Physiotherapie nach Pape\/traditionelle Thai-Yoga-Behandlung am Boden  See details »



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  • 00:00: I have the opportunity again only change the attitude the tensions and the case in the final said Ewer I can move my foot in the Weasel direction and always because who has to Goren the Canon EOS Group when working on specific trigger points give the warning in these muscles vary and thus the effectiveness strengthen the application
  • 00:31: the possibilities are varied i can be wonderful from such a position Outlaw we are speechless loosening exercises reported integrated I can give up on the couch and techniques that's the way people build normally be applied on the ground like this one big rotation of the 5th
  • 01:02: his thigh clings to both lower legs Dream will be an opening to the outside and inside on the journey here had stored in my palm and the building yard happens as it were the foot escaped no ornament had with straight back stretched arm then move probably move and have a very good team we all stretch
  • 01:33: as well as a slight stretch Although let Can you hook your foot and for example, wonderful working opposite thighs also i can get out of this position go opposite we use a basket as a fixation as a lever on the one hand his niche pala musculature as to go out of the normal muscles
  • 02:04: For that, I have to pressure and stabilize my adductors as it were the lower back I could get out of this position repeat because so far are techniques he is positive so go the bride not topic Brendel, so to speak, attach a side-lay treatment even large rotations are very easy Heimbach perform inflexible
  • 02:35: I do not position that way that I only use my hip until 10 am to call in circles custom and take my patient on a journey