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  • 00:00: Good afternoon, we are now with you for solim fat but not just for solim and broth in brine why we it cook because this piece of fat in us is pork neck it not very soft a bit harsh so it is best boil there are seats such pieces of bacon to be better cook it for example pork belly as a cheek it's neck for this we are with you
  • 00:33: You need a piece fat here I floor kilo you can take any the amount per liter of water cup salt seeds dill strongly coriander pepper peas and bitter fragrant peel onions Bay leaf especially garlic prepare the marinade pour liter of water beaker add salt
  • 01:06: and all our makeready pepper peas bitter sweet Dill seeds coriander bay leaf and onion husk why onion peel it It gives a beautiful golden color our very and we turn on our plate
  • 01:42: bring to a boil once he has brine boils and shpiguem itself garlic pierce insert cloves garlic from all sides fat will smell
  • 02:14: solace meat will fragrant garlic Now boil the brine we spread our piece of bacon onion husk as I said give give owl light under the smoked and you know the taste of it no suffer all
  • 02:44: and leave the fat boil for 20 minutes that's 10 minutes have passed bacon cooked boils it can be flipped and cook a little longer Now it has been 20 minutes disable as close lid and leave
  • 03:16: even at 12 o'clock at night Roubaud saying morning you can get and there have passed 12 hours our case is the night I passed we extract our 40a look what Beauty miracle today we dried out dried out paper polotenechko and will
  • 03:47: slice past the table with relish