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How to prepare pork podcherevka in an oven  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, I'm here today. I will tell give and show how I'm marinated and I prepare podsherevok for cooking food moat to us you will need podsvovok two kilograms a piece of salt 50 grams sunflower oil 2 bulbs
  • 00:31: spices, italian herbs seasoning for grilling meat seasoning mixture of herbs and mixture pepper for starters need to clean meat from veins and superfluous pieces after we
  • 01:27: mashed the meat I I do with a knife in it such are the holes that spices are good soaked through [music] salt well praca for meat
  • 02:10: and a mixture of herbs meat is put off until side and cut finely nothing
  • 02:40: for baking meat we need this Here's the baking sheet the baking tray I made up in advance foil part of onions we believe gall pour a little and
  • 03:13: sprinkle with pepper pour out the oil lay out our a piece before as
  • 03:47: lay out the second part of onions on top of the meat we handed I'm rubbing good spices that we sprinkled in order not to well absorbed meat here our village was delicious juicy good fried pour handles meat pickled
  • 04:19: now I'm covering it surf [music] put up tomorrow evenings per night can be and after that we will bake our oven podsvevok per day stood in fridge is good blotted out Now we are put in the oven
  • 04:49: for one and a half hours oven for one hundred eighty degrees warmed up and already time contemplate readiness of meat and then we taste [applause] podsovok is ready
  • 05:30: you can proceed tasting all pleasant
  • 06:00: appetite