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  • 00:00: Hello hello to all contact me here such SUPPORTING burn I saw as I I will then knit I am looked It fits as if nothing difficult is not simply I tell It could be someone so useful I am here for the jacket so now I have to about the size sixty-eight 6872 tonnes to grow That's how I think
  • 00:33: get well, and the size plus the fact that both binding you know runs I think that stretched and relaxed Candle girl night It defies that very well, I hope so and I was knitting one canvas carcass did not want do you spare here's joints baby to be So comfortable knit from yarn 150 grams per 50 meters of the
  • 01:03: there are 300 grams per 130 meters at 100 grams but yarn does not meet my view at As for me in the footage of the same thickness as the normally would without a beach 400 meters per hundred grams In my sample at I went with 2 half three in one centimeter and I gained a hundred thirty-two loops Chita edge I help planochki then licked and so
  • 01:34: knit two rezinochku for two as I have before filmed video can you have not spoken But once again here these here when we recruit loops in we get with you so here are here uzelochki of the daughters here that is, the first series I His first number always He turned in
  • 02:05: wrong side at We have here a face hand is such a beautiful braid get the edge more or less beautiful looks and so we knit elastic band ordinary rubber band 2 on 2 9 rows then visa the front surface of it is already on your discretion how much you You want her to tie in me and it is so came out 43 series or 10 series 53 and then I became
  • 02:38: Knit braids here no subtraction is not it is a tie due to the goats and so product shrinks Now it turns out we have Now there is such a flared so obliquely imposed bead 2 backstitches a crossing loop they now work it off 3 hinges on
  • 03:08: additional needle at work provyazyvaem then three loop with a working spokes and further 3 hinges facial respectively 3 hinges extra spokes then purl 2 thread again before work 3 for removing the hinge work and 3 loops provyazyvaem then 3 loop provyazyvaem with additional spokes and continue 2 You know until the end series if something is
  • 03:38: unclear mowing if something is it is unclear the specific video on bring back to my explanation of the mowing write me I will make no comments separate video namely knitting braid then further under sleeve in the armhole I did because the baby three months my about to be 17 6 9 months of this jacket but here it is not necessary if
  • 04:08: want, you can of course make due Now this reduction part of the spit so I do not I became Ports Nothing to do well in Basically the description here are two loops subtract February 3 loops where that is, the top and more take unchanged that is, one half spit then we have I I knit here cross two times three intersections May 4 here and here I knitting under the collar
  • 04:38: that is left generally say even as write so so so so that So we have to here here is clear yes Turks came to us will sleeve is not one two three 33's crisscrossing made and the first part of this then he took shelves and that and then back that is, the individual
  • 05:09: part already knitted up because here first here here first here Again, too, for size if there is some sort of jacket little baby here here is measured where as you me a bunch of one two three 4 5 5 crossing here even where it has since four series connected
  • 05:40: after crossing and the following series I is just that I can see here if this person I can see the ledge take when wrong on my side Knitting is here three loops are not to knitted ie here I see see I see the other side of Figure 3 here loop the loops remain not knit turning product here already I see see I see on the image dovyazyvayu backing a number of knitting and see-see
  • 06:11: I have three loops that we wrong and are still plus 2 does not dovyazyvaem ie five spokes remains turn the product Again knit knit knit back already another, we do not dovyazyvaem back once again it 1 again well that is not 32 is obtained, and with two three four and four times the 1 st
  • 06:41: I have imposed on country effects already is September 6 loops nedovyazannyh ie I figure that's remain here these here three braids are like me I would not remain then knit with crosslinking shoulder boards Klitschko as the I sewed right here These two braids and that to Sleep seemed to me
  • 07:11: that's too small Here is an opening It happened and I do not let Now I sew only here Part of this pigtails so here loops 3 and it is here I left respectively here the same this shelf once we a number of knit backing and on the front side we here here here but leave the same Best Me to record all do not get confused and back us respectively so back we fit
  • 07:41: just right without changes to the same height as you knit shelves that is here crisscross unless Specifically braids that the sign of the cross again two three 4 5 6 6 crossing the way by the way forgot say spit so post as many as three by three by three loop crosses the frame rebaptized loop we themselves loop this series we knit backing a drawing number 1 and
  • 08:11: then we will knit Front embroidery so 6 the series still have We get spit glue intersection following a series of we provyazyvaem on drawing and again on Figure 6 we were binding series round-trip 6 colors then again intersection
  • 08:41: Kosovo provyazyvaem as if I charge it already I do not consider and six series then I tied Collar is simply loop which you you were on the needles in this form in this shelf to sleep on back to this you connect the shelf you have here here here still such an opening pin will be empty by stitching loops and you're already on your
  • 09:11: discretion in principle nothing wrong simply dial provyazyvat loop loop here you Gleb the shoulders alla holes loop gain here again gained loops 4 and tied to 11 rezinochkoy more we have something that's there actually be here in this as when you Knit in the aeration tank in this form accordingly you on knitting Wrong expanse here see you Wrong expanse from I left it until
  • 09:41: 14 series purl I was able to smooth surface Now then, I thread broke and I won here on the edge Now we are the damned is not loop just closed on spokes remade but here side reach loops around the collar and another at the corners March 2 More tabs to rounding in We did and were binding gum 2 2 here, too, his
  • 10:12: I already have the discretion It turned 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 series and the seventh row I kept it closed free close so you do not constrict collar That such is obtained such a crummy the description here all double gum should be but I'm not very friendly not very pleasant to me and so I spoke very
  • 10:42: quickly turns record video, too hurry quickly if something is unclear write may be some I'm part of some shoot do not think that this is what I shall yet necessarily Suddenly someone something We have to explain tass could you certainly show planochki we too here here's what we collect there is here so you Territory is a number you of 1 bead dial
  • 11:14: two loops and vote gum 2 2 not close strongly free if you have the thicker yarn close on from two loops that is not as we have two loops we get one when closing and receive 3 loops and We have only one way out winds But if you had a pause but here I am an ordinary way closed because that is not 70
  • 11:44: I have thrust yarn I get slim here the loops 3 ie it here discloses a free You can want here also make buttons Now do not forget here one simply shelves without business knit lath one here we are across equal to the distance provyazyvaem holes it's just the two loops sc continue to knit reverse side
  • 12:15: sc provyazyvaem so to remain holes and so the sleeve so I dial sleeve 50 loops on my hands I got a free I sell for packaging which is also freely less it out a little bit here and so that is, it was possible dial a little smaller I think the fact that the child there will be something for and put in principle the problem will description was generally just a single sleeve front embroidery I took one cashier
  • 12:45: He added just before have sewed together a I got here here the shoulder line and here here on this place to do not know it will already be Very attractive is not so I wanted to associate this and so I have 50 stitches I gained no additions thing I simply OSCE arms like narrower here respectively and a smaller gain Example 10 through series approximated from the floor 454 somewhere will gain
  • 13:15: yes here and so It will be more of such tight-fitting sleeve You want can do so I shut it just right because that we here about it not done compliance sleeve Now we just knit knit here and so closed and there he vshili chat is no Now all of these here stitching such gum too 9 I Rows 2 on 2 next front power here poseredinke I Spit
  • 13:45: one of the back 10 2 can be knitted from our more much was Then I knit total no difficulty seredinka sixty seven rows I and closed loops the former also illogical second sleeve In principle, I think all understand this bone we It obtained simply Vinci so fast time held
  • 14:15: and recording is not particularly nowhere else but me I wanted to capture may be are interested and that associate together online