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Sports Massage Techniques For Upper Back and Shoulder Pain – Advanced Massage Therapy  See details »

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  • 00:00: others run back to see you athletic t-dot-com let's be today I'm with sanella she's also a yoga instructor say hi she's face down so she has a problem with her back today upper back with a lot of people have upper back between the shoulder blades so we're going to work on that today and show you how you could release it and get some relief and maybe if you have a lot of problems with it give some ideas for your therapist or whoever is working
  • 00:31: on you and see what we can do all right so here she's have a problem here this is correct yes so this is not where I'm going to work this is just the result of her problem so a lot of the problem is going to be here these muscles in here constrict together and I pull on this area so this also relates to the front but we're going to work on this area here first so just a little bit of a Anatomy here the rhomboids
  • 01:04: connect here to catch the spine and surfing's kind of pulling so we're going to try to release this to go back so the scapula here there's a muscle here called the infraspinatus so we're going to kind of release this from the tip of it and it goes all holy up to the shoulder so we're going to kind of give this break it down you're such looks good huh
  • 01:39: so I never stood on this on the scapular you also have the Terry's major which is right here yeah and then the terry's minor just right in here there's another you get so a good way to get that is to kind of open it up
  • 02:12: get the Skype on the edge hit right in there so right in there so you can do a little bit of movement here to kind of help at the same time I can come up and hit the infraspinatus right there because once we get the movement the muscle relaxed then not only that your triceps attach up to the scapula as well
  • 02:42: it's your triceps go from here all the way down to the elbow size on this here so doing yoga another chest press the exercises you know you put stress on that on the front and the front just pulls everything forward so we want to get this all release yes just kind of just getting the tricep
  • 03:19: moving here getting the muscle moving working my way up to the ear here so another thing another muscle that comes up in here as your lats that's attached right up in here but come down all the way down to the to the pelvis so a lot of a pull ups for you CrossFitters yoga downward dog it was a lot a lot of what's this stuff like that anyway
  • 03:52: YouTube mainly gymnast you can get those lats to release to here another thing you can look for when you work in this area is the rib the rib could be out here so you can always go in there check sometimes it's kind of rotate it and usually you can tell if
  • 04:24: they're a short shortness of breath but she's not so the ribs gonna be okay but I like to check anyway you need some love on this yeah disappear it goes all into the edge here alright so now we're gonna turn on her
  • 04:55: side position and show you a different way to get this all right now we're on the side position so this way I can get a little bit of both the front in the back at the same time get more also I don't want to get the straightest that attaches on the rib cage here so you have the serratus muscles here then you have the lats which attach from here down here all the way down to the pelvis so I like to do is get the straightest which is right under the scapula I kind of get some movement here because that
  • 05:27: allows her to get her range of motion back on overhead activities yeah right in there it's a good spot on sugary and then I can also get some Oteri's as well by my thumb right here so then the tricep and they said the attachment here for the lats and the in
  • 05:57: Terry's muscle is right in here as well so we kind of get that - and then I can start getting the peck peck minor which goes along here which is the third fourth and fifth rib where attaches and attaches up in here so kind of getting ya there so get some movement going on here yeah hit a spot and so now I'm just kind of getting the scapular to move
  • 06:34: because the mobility it's important right there it gets by here so it's not much pressure because it's dealing with the rib cage to find that muscle just try to move it and it will eventually her breathing helps so I tell my clients either breather pass out obviously she's not passed out
  • 07:04: let's just breathe so now she's got some good movement here still get seven infraspinatus he's got some Terry's little bit of the delts and then I like to check all along the back here for the lats go see where I may want to work again yeah that's for the bet lower back so this also affects the lower back as
  • 07:35: well just a little shoulder thing effective in the hip so now we're going to go on the back side so the PEC minor I go say it attaches to the third fourth and fifth rib which the fifth fourth rib goes right of the nipple and anyway so I'm going to go under right so start here hit the third one there and attach there yeah so just lightly moving it getting some range of motion back in that muscle and then you can kind of
  • 08:05: open up a little bit here you can kind of strum all three of them here they attach up in the shoulder here then I can also grab here hold it it's all that and then you check the UH so the sternum which is here and your ribcage attaches to the sternum and also
  • 08:38: attached to the spine so when the muscles are pulling from back to the front you're pulling on the on the your hunching over so what happens is the so the sternum here ribs here what happens it they kind of overlap so they kind of get stuck so what I have to do is go in there and break that up with the rib cage kind of relax because it should be smooth up and down here so slightly massaging little scar
  • 09:10: tissue out tension right there ligaments in here yeah that's pretty good right yeah some of you may be really sore because you might be able to type a lot of people are so hunched over that it's so tight but this just lets you bad but I can follow that rib here that's being pulled
  • 09:40: then here stretching opening up the ribcage here one two three here just right under the clavicle so stretching out the ribs here so right under the clavicle it's kind of moving it stretching watch you breeze the ribs expand and they relax I can check both sides here kind of make
  • 10:12: sure there's some mobility here all right now at the top of the shoulder here so you have a clavicle comes in here attaches here and then your scapula also comes together well they should not touch okay so her just kind of touches a lot of times this happens from sleeping on it from doing a lot of overhead stuff who knows what how how it really happens
  • 10:43: but I'm going to release the area in between the scapula and clavicle which is right here right here yeah and so rotator-cuff all attaches in this area you have the infraspinatus attaches here then you got the super Senatus up in here sub scat which is
  • 11:15: right here right below the bicep touches there yeah the bicep comes across as well Bossip also has to do with this and that's another video with the wrist anyway rotator cuff so you get these muscles moving here by me hold it down or rotating the arm I can find her spot then run here to release this right
  • 11:50: there and it's a small area priest there it causes a lot of problems okay all right so that's all that then I want
  • 12:22: to stretch back stretch D them up the PEC minor open the chest up get your shoulder back and then I can stretch the scapula are pressing down holding it pulling the arm over stretching was good right yeah then I can shake it out all right the bicep needs to move as well as
  • 12:53: a tricep comes down in here all right now I kind of move your arm how's that feel they're a lot better right okay now when she's done that have her put arms down and tell her squeegee shell base together squeeze there you go relax so that does helps her body to learn how to use the rhomboid muscles great job thank you please subscribe thumbs up hope you like my new assistant here sylia sanella
  • 13:25: Vennela sanella and she has a video yoga video herself so look for Cinelli's video yoga videos and oh yeah favorite my video let me know what you think have any questions email me a hindi video request anything you guys want to see follow me on Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube whatever good see you out you